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Ascension Update 26th January 2013 – Reality Check – Nothing Stays The Same!

The ascension process is proceeding very nicely, as the continuing  increase of light raises the consciousness of each and every one of us. The frequency of this incoming light has been raised and is now in an even higher bandwidth (far beyond what one would conventionally call light). This is assisting the ascension process by […]


Ascension – It’s All About Energy

I was interested to see Suspicious0bservers has noted in his latest 3MIN NEWS (posted below) that the boffins now admit that it isn’t only Earth that is changing 🙂 Many of you may recall I have mentioned before on more than one occasion that not only are we and our planet ascending but the whole […]


Ascension Update 15th January 2013 – Time To Step Into Your Power!

Well we have been in no time for long enough for us to begin to get a feel of life after ascension. Some are loving life in the new energies, some are still in the mindset of waiting for others to paint a picture of their reality instead of owning it and creating it themselves […]


Ascension Update 6th January 2013 – April?

In my last post I wrote “In the first three months of 2013 there will be many unusual events which although originally unsettling will later become somewhat reassuring” This made me feel somewhat that I was left hanging, I needed answers as to why I wasn’t allowed to see beyond the end of March. I […]


Good Guy, Bad Guy, Read This, Read That, Watch This…………. STOP!!!!!

As everything is accelerating there is a sense of urgency amongst those awake and aware to try to drag the rest of humanity kicking and screaming into the future. We can do more now by stepping into our TRUE selves and just radiating all that we are in our TRUE frequency (which is in the […]


Channellers, Discernment – Cut out the middleman!

So many people ask: Why is it that some people can channel and others cannot? What is the secret ingredient that sets one person apart from the rest? Why do different channellers pass on different versions of what is reputedly the same message? The Basics There is no reason why each and every one of […]


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