Energy Update 18th September 2012 – Emotions – Random Thoughts – Know Yourself

There is a quite noticeable and for some uncomfortable phase we are going through at the moment. Even though we might want to put the blame on the darker element that resides in our world one must remember we came here for the experience and to grow through that experience we have to learn / remember we have all the abilities to easily break the chain that retains us.

We have a part of our make up that is the same as those that are causing all the cruelty and destruction. The difference at present is that most of us because of our own internal desires but also because of Global and Galactic changes are striving to become better people, to be more spiritual, respectful, more united. We have an inner trigger that is letting us remember very deep within our being that we are one; part of the whole, part of (insert what deity or belief structure you align with here).

Some people have made it a life work trying to really get to know themselves (good and bad), to get under the bonnet (hood) of their thoughts, actions, emotions and reactions. As this inner work proceeded the individual would have worked though quite a few Karmic aspects. In fact there is a very high proportion of people on the planet that now only have Karma that is created by bad choices in the moment of now (instantaneous).

Many people are becoming concerned that sudden fits of anger, despair, joy, elation, jealousy in fact a whole gamut of emotions that up to now had been done and dusted years ago as far as they were concerned. I have observed a few posts by people about their emotions and just assumed it was part of their own particular growth. That was until the past couple of days when twice I suddenly lost it (through impatience / intolerance) which was part of my make up many years ago and long since dealt with and grown out of. Then this morning I was sitting having my breakfast and became aware that my mind was racing with jumbled up random thoughts, judgements, just plain bitchyness which is totally unknown to me in my now form. I stopped what I was doing, put the brakes on those thoughts (which I know weren’t mine) and said to my family “WOW!!! that’s strange, it was like a wild party was going on in my head with loads of people screaming and going wild”. I gave it some thought since and believe that those of us who have done the groundwork are sharing the load of others in the group consciousness and also assisting those that are of a darker ilk to gain control of their lower nature.

We have to remember none of us have lead a totally blameless existence and others (seen or unseen) have assisted us to move to higher ground as it were. It is only right and proper for those who have trod the path to lend a hand to others (without losing one’s footing) if appropriate.

So if you get thoughts or emotions that are not what you have grown to know as the new you, the chances are they are NOT you. Use your past training to bring them under control whilst reminding yourself that they are not you and talk to them in your mind like you should always talk to your child within to nurture and lead them towards to correct way of thinking and behaving. Always explain why thinking or behaving in ways that are benificial for all life also makes the individuals life better and is conducive with future life as an evolved soul.

Note to players: Life on Earth is better when actively involved rather than in the audience!


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Ascension Choices – Timelines – ET Rescue


As we reach the closing stages of the ascension process we are at our most creative. We are also vulnerable, not through any external power or event but because of our conditioning, self doubt and fears. We still live on a ‘Free Will’ planet so nobody can through the normal chain of events cause bad things to happen to you. They can however plant the thought that something was going to happen into your mind by subtle hints and suggestion using any form of media available to them. Your fears or expectation creates that event (you have immense capabilities of creation), the more fear or dread of the event the stronger your creation of it.

Take Control
So time to stop blaming everybody else for everything wrong in the world and SEE it getting better, SEE everybody with food and shelter, SEE everybody having their needs met, SEE everybody being genuinely friendly to each other, SEE no pain or suffering in the world, SEE the air and water becoming pure and healthy, SEE all flora and fauna being vibrant, healthy and happy. Your vision WILL create these things, but as with all things there is a test – in the coming months you will be bombarded by the media, gossip, what have you, of all the ugliest things in the world, the injustice, the cruelty etc. Dismiss these no matter how hard, dismiss them and see them getting better. Your mind and creative abilities far outweigh those that control the outward appearance on the planet. You can cancel and change the program – just like that, just by changing your thoughts.

Choices – Creating Your New World
Something that has happened to me and could possibly be presented to you: I have experienced several visions of perfect world scenarios that I was invited to step into and allow to become my reality. I chose not to accept any of these realities as I have a vision / knowledge of a bigger reality and choose to stay with the planet and ascend with her. If one chooses one of these realities they will BE our existence. If we choose to ascend with the planet and progress to 5d or higher we can have ALL those realities (at the same time if we choose) or in fact any existence we wish to experience as long as they are in accordance with the values attributed to an evolved being.

ET / ED Rescue
There has been much channelled information and writings over the years that our Star Family will come and rescue us and carry us to safety as part of the ascension process. Actually there are many craft around our planet and many non physical beings on, in and around our planet all under instruction of the original Creator to create a level playing field as it were.

We have free will so it is up to us as individuals to decide we no longer want an unfair world and to make choices as to who we believe, who we trust, what we want our world to be like. As individuals we obviously cannot take on all authority and those that control them, but we can refuse to trust or believe them, refuse to buy their products refuse to feed them with fear and self doubt. Our Star Family is assisting by disarming some of the unfair tactics and advanced technology that would make it harder for you to make those personal choices.

As far as stepping onto a craft before ascension and total disclosure no way would I even contemplate it or advise it. Gaia is with the assistance of much of this and other Universes making the changes she needs to make without causing any more discomfort to her inhabitants than normal. I do not feel there will be any large catastrophes if we remain calm and focussed on a positive outcome and especially do not believe anything in the mainstream media.

The use of discernment is vitally important in all aspects of your life now, especially in what you see or read. So please use discernment as you read this and see if it rings true in your heart; if it does embrace it and know that you are more in control of you life than you ever thought possible ♥


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Blue Moon and Huge Earthbound Filament From The Sun – My View Of The Effects

The whole Universe is rooting for Earth and her occupant’s ascension, well the whole Universe bar a few who would rather keep things very much in the realm of duality.

Blue Moon

We all have certain aspects that might not be in alignment with future life on Earth. This Blue Moon will assist in bringing our flaws in our attitudes and relationship to each other and our planet to the surface to be cleansed / healed once and for all. Forewarned is forearmed so a wise person would always monitor their thoughts, interactions and reactions with others to ensure they could be classed as balanced and fair from everybody’s point of view.

Sun Filament

There was a huge magnetic filament that broke away from the Sun and is on its way the Earth. The possible ways in which it could effect the planet are well documented but I am going to talk of the metaphysical / energetic aspects as I see / feel them (you may not agree and that is perfectly OK).


Picture a fast flowing white water river and someone just managing to maintain a stationary position holding on to a rock projecting from the riverbank. A large surge of water coming from upstream would be enough to dislodge their grip and they would have no choice but to go with the flow of the water. Now to see this analogy in respect to us and the Solar Filament. There are people on our Planet whom for reasons only they would know are still determined to hold onto the negative past and are reluctant to embrace the light and a future that is fair, balanced and harmonious for ALL life. This filament is carrying a payload of a very high burst of purest light (spiritual) that will uproot the grip between these people and their negative effects on humanity.


If in the next few days you feel light headed (spacey), euphoric, emotional or slightly disconnected please do not worry as it could possibly be the combined effect of these events. You can lessen the effects by being in nature / beauty, meditating and embracing the change. [note: if you are concerned unduly by similar conditions always consult a physician).


You are borne of the light, are part of the light and will return to the light ♥

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What Do I Actually Need To Know For Ascension?

It is a mine field out there, so many theories, so much to know – how can one person absorb so much information.

I need to wake-up, if I care about my friends and family I need to wake them up.

So many very respected leaders of the spiritual community telling me if I don’t learn this or that I cannot ascend.

Stop & Think
Remember we are still in 3d (survival mode, leaders and followers, wealth & power). Look at motives is there just a spiritual outpouring of love and knowledge or are status, reward and possibly financial gain on the table. Also ask in your heart will my situation be improved by this knowledge or would I just be caught in another machine.

Look At Nature
If you take a sprouted seedling and plant it upside down it still ‘knows’ to grow towards the light. In essence you are no different although you have the unfortunate disadvantage of a thinking mind, full of conditioning telling you to think, rationalise, reason or dismiss things. When in fact what you should have been taught was to feel (emotionally, energetically). Everybody is capable of sensing their personal space and the changes made when something positive or negative comes into it.

So What’s All This Got To Do With Ascension?
Everything! Make it a part of your life to try to get a clear connection to that place in your heart where you ‘know’ things. Eventually you will find that the guidance it gives you proves to be very accurate (as long as your mind doesn’t throw a curve ball). You now have a clear connection to the purest part of you, the part nearest Source / God / Creator etc. and access to all you will ever need to know when you need to know it.

You can now see all the theories, lessons and wisdom are already available to you – deep in your heart you already know them.

Just quieten your mind and listen to your heart ♥


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Job Done, No Going Back!

Can you feel it yet? The Sun, Gaia, Inner Earth, Central Sun, Galactic Centre, Star Families and the Creator have all played an important part in breaking the gravitational grip of negativity that was hampering the ascension process.

Even though our vibrational frequency has been through several huge increases already this year we still are so grounded by our minds and ego that we choose to ignore our senses and are busy looking for concrete physical changes. When seeds are planted there is usually a period where under the right conditions growth occurs. The positive conditions we need are for us to work doubly hard removing our own negativity (what you sow is what you reap). We still have free will and if we choose to argue and cause division and separation amongst ourselves that is the future we create.

This is directed more towards those who have the feeling / knowing that their ascension is very close and through habit are frantically trying to help others go forward. It is vitally important that you do not allow yourself to be drawn into trying to justify what you KNOW as it cannot be taught or learned; the knowledge comes through personal understanding, through letting go of self in order to connect to the greater consciousness and Source.

By rights there should be a far greater number of souls ascended already than there has, so in order to assist us the Sun has stepped up the amount of energy directed at us which will raise our consciousness by a considerable degree. This is being carried out under careful supervision of all the above parties and many are already feeling a sense of calm and positive expectation.

On a Human level things still have to play out but you should now be feeling that hope, freedom, peace and harmony are things that are within reach.

As you change so does your world!

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Brief Solstice Visualisation Suitable For All

The Earth Whatever you are doing for Solstice or even if it means absolutely nothing to you what harm can it do to your day to just stop and remember a special moment in your life.

Everybody has at least one special moment when something really touched your heart; the first words spoken by your child, a new puppy or kitten, first sunrise of Spring, a smile from a stranger when you thought everybody hated you. It is a feeling that fills your heart and catches your breath. It is pure unconditional love ♥

Using the link below you can find the exact time of the Solstice in your location.

At that time just bring back that special  memory and emotion that filled your heart and allow it to spread within you.

When it feels strong almost tangible send it to the earth (the image above will assist in the connection) just allow it to envelop the earth as a sign of love, hope and gratitude.

You don’t need to focus on anyone or anything, just send love to the earth and EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY will benefit.

You are truly loved!


Solstice Times For Your Location



Please allow yourself a few moments to find your feet before carrying on with your day.

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Good Guy, Bad Guy, Read This, Read That, Watch This…………. STOP!!!!!

As everything is accelerating there is a sense of urgency amongst those awake and aware to try to drag the rest of humanity kicking and screaming into the future.

We can do more now by stepping into our TRUE selves and just radiating all that we are in our TRUE frequency (which is in the non-visible upper light spectrum that some call LOVE).

Here is a simple exercise that literally anybody can do which will automatically align them with their light body. There is only one proviso, we have to leave judgement and fear behind i.e. I don’t like this type of music, they are trying to trick me, new age rubbish. I have no connection to the person who created this piece other than recognising a purity in his heart!

Reclaiming Your Peace

  • Quieten your mind, just for a moment let go of all that is going on in your life.
  • Take a really deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds (or as long as comfortable).
  • Let it out slowly.
  • Do this another 2 times.
  • Relax, watch and listen to this video.

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Channellers, Discernment – Cut out the middleman!

So many people ask: Why is it that some people can channel and others cannot? What is the secret ingredient that sets one person apart from the rest? Why do different channellers pass on different versions of what is reputedly the same message?

The Basics

There is no reason why each and every one of you cannot get the answers yourself direct from your connection to Source / God / The Creator / Great Spirit / Your Conscience all you need is to really know yourself (good and bad) and be 100% honest with yourself.  We are born with several factors that have an influence on our thoughts and behaviour and it is our task to nurture the positives and recognise and retrain ourselves to let go of the negatives. There are many philosophers who will say this is wrong as we should love ourselves unconditionally. True but philosophy doesn’t take into account that in essence you are a perfect individual capable of living an unbiased harmonious existence. In harmony with all life, with no leaders of followers all existing in harmony with one focus, the good of the whole. So where do the negative traits come from? Well some are inherited, some are due to the astrological configuration we were born under and some are picked up from the people we live and mix with. We don’t have to be cross or judge ourselves over these traits we just have to recognise them, realise where we probably picked them up and the fact that they are not actually ours. We can then let them go. We don’t need to judge or convert the source of the trait as it is not our place to do that, it is OUR journey we are dealing with.

So even if you haven’t cleared these traits by really knowing and being honest with yourself (without being defensive or offended) you are better able to feel if something coming into your space is true or false.

The Training

Learn to differentiate between the different thoughts that flit through your mind when you contemplate something. Usually there are two or three to start with: the positive, the negative and possibly the indifferent. We have to focus on the one with the reply that would be the fairest for ALL not just us, not just for another. That is a direct link to your Higher Self.

Over a period of time doing this we start to only really notice the reply from our Higher Self, also things in our life that previously threw us become easier to deal with.

The Messages

Once you have gained a good connection with your higher self (in fact later you almost become it) you can start asking questions. There is a protocol so only ask simple one’s relative to you and your life to start with. Only when you have grown to the point that no part of you would ever misuse the information are you allowed more (unless your ego makes it up).

As this greater connection becomes fairly natural we can sometimes sense thoughts coming outside our familiar area. These could be from the earth, other areas within our galaxy or even from passed friends or relatives. Through the groundwork you have previously done you should be able to tell if this is true, your ego playing tricks or wishful thinking.

The reason that a message can vary from person to person is unless it has come personally to you and you have filtered out your biases, it has come through another who despite the best will in the world still has hopes, dreams and fears of many lifetimes.

Man know thyself, be at one with the Creator and all that is!

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Energy Update 11th June 2012

Within the next 4 days there will be a burst of energy that will help us clear some of our most stubborn negative traits. The result will be a feeling of extreme joy or excitement for some people, try to breathe through it and remain as calm as possible (to prevent bounce back).

2 or 3 days on from that you should be feeling much calmer and find it easier to cope with any news or events.

At the Cusp of Ascension …. Why so many arguments?

At this very moment the Earth is going through her own quite significant changes, although on the surface one wouldn’t know. She is arranging her energy grid in order to run at the higher dimensional frequencies of her next incarnation. She is set to ascend no matter what, and as inhabitants we too will ascend with her.  As she is to ascend into a higher dimension she and all upon her must adjust to the energetic of the new dimension prior to arriving there. Here in three-dimensional existence we live in a world of duality, of opposites so it is practically impossible for any two people to be in 100% agreement on all things. We make allowances or excuse this by saying “It would be boring if we all thought the same”. Although being able to exist alongside another with a different opinion without the need justify your point against theirs is completely different to thinking the same. Also if we were not of the survival mindset we would be more likely to all want things for the benefit of the whole instead of feeling need to fight for our corner.

As despite our age we are all of varying levels of spiritual understanding this too can cause dissention as we all see ‘truth’ within our own sphere of growth and development. The ironic thing is even though this causes ill feelings here it is of no significance in the dimension we are going to, as everybody is accepted for who they are and where they happen to be. Likewise social standing and what duties one performs whilst important to some here will not be there. You would do what you were best suited to and no status or class would be attached to it.

So, why the arguments! well there is part of each of us that senses what is happening. We are ALL rising in consciousness whether aware of it or not and through that we are becoming aware that all is not quite as it seems. There are a few people coming to the surface with stories of this and that, which has brought many to the point that they literally do not trust anybody. Hence the arguments!

Actually apart from the discomfort of people being in discord this is a good thing as we are better going within and finding ‘the truth’ from our own connection to ‘all that is’ than relying on another’s interpretation of the truth.

Be your own master!

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