Ascension / Energy Update 17th April 2013 – Hang Onto Your Hats Things Are Gonna Speed Up!

fastJust a quick heads up to remind you to remain solidly focussed on who you are and why you are here (even if at this moment you do not know). Otherwise the next few weeks could very possibly feel somewhat like this chappy hurtling down the Cresta Run if one tries to get to grips with all the events unfolding.

Just know that when you arrive at your destination, like this chap you will feel exhilarated and somewhat relieved πŸ™‚

Try to spend at least ten minutes twice a day keeping your mind still by letting go and BEing.

If it all gets a bit too much at any time just still the mind by gently focussing on your breathing until things slow down.

Despite what we are seeing and hearing ALL is progressing toward the light and clarity.

Copyright Β© I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. Spread the hope and peace to those who might benefit from it β™₯


Ascension Update 10th April 2013 – Ego vs Personality – or – If I Lose My Ego Will I Still Exist

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We appear to have arrived at a point in the ascension process where changes need to be made. As much as we love to point the finger and blame everbody else, this time we really need to look closer to home to get this right.

In essence the main part of the ascension process has already occured, what we are seeing basically is the transition. So the stuff playing out in the media is purely theatre, the biggest drama playing out is between the 1st Wave, 2nd Wave and the newly awakened fast-tracked individuals.

When The Pupil Knows More Than The Teacher It’s Time To Step Down The 1st Wave have all but ascended, the 2nd Wave have taken the place of the 1st Wave and now due to the accelerated ascension process the average person in the street possibly has a deeper understanding (even though encumbered with a mindset that is still working in the old world) than the other two groups together.

So why the problems? Well the 1st Wave were starting with a blank canvas and were to all intents and purposes flying by the seat of their pants (even though in reality they were being greatly assisted by unseen helpers). Their main job (they also did energy and healing / recovery work) was to plant seeds in the minds of the populace with the understanding that many will take them and make them flourish – which in fact they did and some even created sucessful businesses from the information. In 1998 most of us were told to step back and allow the 2nd Wave to step forward as we would be working in the etheric or higher areas. The 2nd Wave covered a broad spectrum and brought through with them high skillsets with regard to healing, energy work and communication with other worlds. Some worked with the planetary energies, some with people, some just acted as light bearers and some acted as messengers or ambassadors for other worlds. We now have a situation where the 1st Wave are frightened to let go of their baby, the 2nd Wave are frustrated that the 1st Wave are holding them up and now to really add to the mix the one’s who were being shouted at to WAKE UP have caught up and are not impressed by the egos slowing the process.

So What Is Really Holding Us Up? A deep rooted fear of letting go of the ego, the I Am and embracing the We Are. You are you whether in etheric form, energy form, physical form or multiple physical forms. You are your personality, your character not your ego or protective shield. This protective layer of the ego prevents you getting on with each other and thereby prevents you being allowed to interact with more gentle evolved beings who have evolved past the point where they need to know how wonderful / intelligent / beautiful you are, as they already know because they are on the other side of your ego and can see the real you β™₯


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Energy Update 4th April 2013 – Movement!

gearsI had to pop out to one of the larger towns today and found I needed to concentrate more than normal whilst driving even though I didn’t feel in the least bit spacy. Then this evening I got a feeling and a brief image – I got the impression of huge ancient machinery, dormant for aeons, slowly starting to move.Β  I didn’t quite understand this feeling but it felt very real.

It wasn’t until later when washing up the dinner dishes (best time for inspiration / intuition / messages) I recalled something I was told a few days ago and dismissed. There was to be a cleansing of the area of the planet where thought-forms, dark thoughts and heavier negative energy reside. In order that people were not disturbed by the change in energy the energetic equivalent of cotton candy (candy floss) of a peachy / pink vibration would be wrapped around the planet to gently quieten the minds and emotions, this must have been what I felt as I drove πŸ™‚

So tying all this up, one can assume that these events did actually occur and in so doing have allowed something quite momentous at an extremely foundational and real level to start manifesting.

I decided to post this as confirmation to any others who also sense something more tangible is on the move πŸ™‚


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Ascension Update 29th March 2013 – Timelines – Creator Has Spoken

timelinesI awoke this morning and reading my emails and glancing through social media I felt an anger arise at how everything appears to be getting worse rather than better. I immediately was reminded of how both my wife and I were told individually last year that there will be great change around April time and I got clarification later that negativity will be removed which will accelerate ascension. I took a deep breath switched off my mind and entered the quietness for healing and meditation. I came to all of a sudden with an instantaneous image of situations and events.

None of us are perfect and many of us have possibly done very dark deeds at some point but we are not set in stone and most are now recognising their downfalls and actively trying to improve. We are also receiving tremendous assistance from source, evolved beings and more to rise in consciousness.

That being said there are also beings here and elsewhere in our universe that unfortunately do not have the far-sightedness, compassion and sense of community to understand the repercussions of their actions in future time. To this end and in order to fulfil their freewill learning without endangering any life other than their own something unheard of is about to come about.

All souls within our universe will have their hearts / souls and overall intention weighed. If they knowingly, deliberately in actuality or intent threaten to endanger or harm humanity, this, any other planet or energetic being they will play out their lives in an exact replica of this universe that is totally, energetically encapsulated so their actions and eventual demise can no longer endanger or harm other life in this or other universes.

The rest of humanity, our star family and other energetic beings will continue to evolve in a positive, harmonious and mutually supportive way.

I think we can now see why events have appeared to take longer than we hoped. I have no idea of time-scale but as we are in no-time in reality it could be any time.

How will I know when this event happens? when you realise things are getting better and interactions are more relaxed and gentle.

Can you guarantee or prove this? no, it is just a feeling / image that was presented in a meditation but I am happy to embrace it and will continue to try to be an honest, fair and positive member of society πŸ™‚


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Message For The Awakened Ones – How to Really Help The Sleeping

ShepherdOne cannot help noticing division amongst those whom are, or believe they are, helping fellow brothers and sisters of the human species progress through the ascension process.

Just take a few moments looking at this image of the shepherd and his flock. He shows quiet strength, reliability and resilience, his sheep know he cares about them and will protect them and ensure they have food, water and if necessary shelter and healing. He quietly leads by being with them and showing them the way. If he stood at the edge of the field by the gate jumping up and down screaming WAKE THE F**K UP would they be as trusting.

Yes have the intention to help those that are asleep, afraid or sceptical but lead by example and you will achieve so much more β™₯

In separation you are weak in unity you have the whole universe behind you πŸ™‚

NOTE: For all the cynical or vegetarian readers please don’t go down the “he is leading them to their slaughter” road. Rise above that issue, this is about energy, trust and positive results not soapboxes, egos and idealism (in an ideal world one wouldn’t have to eat plants or minerals either as they too are living beings). I used the analogy of the shepherd as it fits with the sheeple name activists use.

Heads Up – Energetic Cleansing Within Next 24 to 48 Hours

20130324-184624.jpgWithin the next 24 to 48 hours there will be an energetic cleansing of the earth and her auric field. During this period some might feel moments of total peace and relaxation. Utilize these moments to release any tension / aches / worries and soak up the peace πŸ™‚

If you are driving or operating machinery please pay extra attention to what you are doing during this period of time.

You are not alone and are loved more than you could ever realise β™₯

Ascension Update 23rd March 2013 – The Arrival Of You!

lightUntil mankind has evolved enough no craft or beings of 5D (fifth dimension) or higher will be visible unless the craft feels safe enough to lower it’s vibration to the visible frequency. Remember all beings up to and including 4D (fourth dimension) have the same problems we do on earth i.e. they have free will as to whether they behave in a positive or negative way.

That being said here is the main reason for this post: Some of you have raised your vibration enough for your higher (greater) self to rejoin you. This is akin to full enlightenment but so much more πŸ™‚ your full faculties will not be switched on immediately but will become apparent without you really noticing as they are perfectly normal for the greater you. One of the first things that will fully manifest is the ability to see beyond the facade of outside events therefore try to concentrate on maintaining your equilibrium rather than let things annoy you, eventually enough people will see beyond the illusion and make it non-viable.

The majority of beings on the planet are in reality of fifth dimension or higher so any changes will feel very natural as we align more with our true selves πŸ™‚

Lastly I will add: don’t blindly trust or believe anybody (including me), you have access to TRUTH (LIGHT) deep within you (everybody does), it is natural and your god (original source of all creation) given right, use it to ‘KNOW’ what to believe and what to dismiss.

As you evolve you will see more as the only division between dimensions and realities is frequency πŸ™‚

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Ascension / Energy Update 21st March 2013 – Heads Up – HUGE Shift Coming (Positive)!

pull the rugSomething has been building for the past couple of days and I can now get a more realistic sense of what is happening.

Unless you live in a cave you will have been aware of the fact that the earth’s magnetic shields have occasionally been greatly reduced during past few days. Also during this period the Sun has pointed several large coronal holes at us, had a few filaments break loose and several CMEs (not all earth directed). This has assisted the earth to accumulate enough energy to bring about the changes she needs to go further ahead with her ascension process. These changes are mainly in the consciousness of many who inhabit the surface of the planet.

Those who are sensitive to earth energies, don’t worry it is nothing like anything you have had to endure previously πŸ™‚ This will literally pull the rug out from under those that are locked in the reality mindset that it is OK to profit from another’s misfortune and thereby maintain a planet of those that have comfort and those that suffer.

Earth needs to clean and regenerate all her systems in order to support the lives of the gentle souls who will coexist with her in times ahead (the future Human). In the past this would have brought about by planetary disaster of epic proportions. This time however she is trying to do it with no loss of life even though there are people who wittingly or unknowingly are holding proceedings up. In order to break their grip she will be sending out a HUGE pulse, somewhat akin to picking up a rug and waving it up and down to set up a standing wave big enough to shake free those that are locked. Before anybody panics I believe this is ALLΒ  ENERGETICALLY BROUGHT ABOUT so most people will not notice a thing, some might lose track of days for a few days (this is already normality for some of us :)).

I feel this NOW so this could occur for you personally any time between now and a weeks time. REMEMBER THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR and ALL is for the good of ALL LIFE not just us or our planet even. There can never be any justification that one being should suffer for the pleasure or greed of another and this EVENT of our realisation of this will spread throughout all worlds, galaxies, universes and beyond. Yes our ascension IS that huge as it will spread and will change ALL EXISTENCE positively.

It is not my duty or place to interfere with your freewill but as I care I will say if you want a comfortable existence always think about the effect your thoughts and actions might have on all involved before you embark upon them.


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Ascension Update 17th March 2013 – How To Know YOUR Truth By Unravelling And Strengthening Your Connection To Source

sunlightIn recent weeks there has been more and more information and guidance being offered and religions / belief systems are getting a fair share of coverage both in the media and social networks. So, with a lifetime or more of being bombarded on all sides with who or what to believe or disbelieve, where does the average individual FIND THEIR TRUTH.

Source In our day to day lives the only trustworthy way one can ensure something is true is to go to those who were present at the original event and ask each privately for their account and make a personal assessment (I know this is not ideal but even honest people will lie in certain circumstances).

Humans are each individual rays from the creator source and through many reasons have found seemingly trustworthy groups / individuals / societies have stepped into that ray and offered to intermediate for you. Why would you choose to allow this?:

We each have a positive and negative side to our nature and it is our personal choice as to which aspect of ourselves we choose to come to the fore. Even the darkest soul has a brilliant spark of light somewhere in it’s depths and even the lightest soul has some very dark aspects deep within (as above so below). If at some time an individual had done or thought something that was socially unacceptable they might be wrought with guilt. Now if an individual / group / society / religion / cult etc. etc. offered to appease your guilt through ritual / trust / faith you might consider this to be too good to be true πŸ™‚ In fact it is a simple act of the correct way of using the power of positive thought (Law Of Attraction). Low and behold your guilt is assuaged and over time you take to fully embracing this belief system. The only problem with this is you have created a lesser god / minor deity by giving your power to that individual or group and more importantly clouded your own connection to source. note: you can never lose this connection to source it is always there. Also there are many well meaning people who genuinely are trying to assist mankind but I am dealing with aspects going back thousands of years.

OK, so how do I strengthen my personal connection to Original Creator Source? Follow this simple exercise a few times and in next to no time you will have re-awakened your personal connection to the original creator:

  • Put your hands left on top of right on the centre of your chest, just above the heart, with your elbows horizontal and in-line with your hands.
  • Take a slow deep breath, hold it for a short while and slowly let it out (only take breaths and pauses that are comfortable to do).
  • As you continue doing this allow ALL your attention to focus on how your hands are moving as your chest expands and contracts.
  • Allow your focus to move to the area just behind your hands within your chest.
  • Now say in your mind “I call upon the original creator, life before life, thought before thought, the essence of all creation. Come to me protect me, cleanse me, heal me and guide me”.
  • Now allow a short while to embrace the truth and connection in that invocation.
  • Now say “The light within my heart is strong and I am one with the true source of the light”.
  • Now allow a short while for this realisation and your personal connection to The Creator to align and strengthen.

You may or may not sense something positive when you do this exercise, but either way the whole exercise is a positive act in self empowerment and a connection to inner truth – you can even use it to see if any of what I have written here rings true to you πŸ™‚

I am not happy about having a dark side to my nature, what can I do about it? There are people who are great advocates of the individuals choice as to whether to do good or bad and this correct. Personally I and many others regularly ask that our dark side is transmuted into light as we no longer feel any need for it. In a positive world there is no need for fight or flee protection as there are no predators πŸ™‚

If you too wish to assist in making this a reality and thereby speed up the ascension process just ask creator when doing the above meditation. After doing the invocation and light strengthening say: “I ask that my lower nature be cleansed and raised in vibration so my thoughts and deeds are always for the good of all including myself”.

You are a pure ray of light and always will be, you just need to remove the chains and remember β™₯


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Ascension Update 21st February 2013 – Energy Change Heads Up!

eglowWithin the next 2 to 3 days some of you might feel a change in energy which could possibly make you feel a little uncomfortable. This post is to give advance notification and explain a few symptoms.

Unlike previous energy bursts which were incoming this is one which the Earth will be sending out as part of her ascension process. She has been making various physical adjustments over the past year and now is making some energetic ones as she increases her vibrational frequency.

Those who are sensitive may possibly feel this energy she is sending out. Unlike the incoming ones which usually give a slightly light headed feeling this outgoing one can give a slight motion sickness feeling and a general feeling of being not quite right.

The purpose of this post is not to worry you but to assure you that the feeling eventually passes but can be made much more comfortable by reassuring yourself that all is well. It helps considerably if one practices meditative breathing exercise to calm and centre oneself.

After the feeling passes there could be few people who may find their next visit to the bathroom is a little urgent as the body releases toxins, again this is part of the process so don’t worry.

Remember to keep hydration up and eat normally.

The vast percentage of the population will not notice this event, I hope this post reassures those that do β™₯


IMPORTANT NOTE ~Β this information only relates to ascension energy symptoms and not medical conditions. If you are feeling poorly and are at all concerned ALWAYS consult a medical practitioner.


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