Energy Update 31st May 2013 – Change Can You Feel It – New Codes For Transformation

Butterfly - Transformation

Butterfly Tells Of Transformation

Well energetically the past few weeks have been about as uncomfortable as they could get for some people. Forget what you read in the newspaper, forget what you see on the television news as none of these will yet have clearance (or even know) to tell you the times they are a changing.

Last night I realised something had snapped. Or should I say something that has been holding everything back released it’s grip.

For the past two days I have had a problem stabilising my energy levels and it was only through talking with a friend could I step away and see why I was suddenly getting enormous energy highs, I wasn’t needing (and still don’t) the vast amount of energy I was using previously. This can only mean one thing; the negative grip of our planet has diminished or been removed (I believe removed).

This morning I saw posted on Facebook a link to GaiaPortal blog post titled: Substantial Shifting of Gaia Energy Structures Occurs at this Moment… which pretty much could tie in with what I was feeling and therefore good confirmation.


Flower of Life

The Flower Of Life

Today here in Cornwall the weather is unusually warm and sunny and the clouds are wispy and fast moving – they don’t feel like sylphs or craft but they have an other world feel about them. I looked toward the sun with my eyes closed and saw an image very similar to the Flower of Life but it appeared to have twice the number of elements.

I asked about it and was told new codes are pouring in.

So what does all this mean to everyday life? Well if you think of our progress as a very long snake, the head has just broke free of the old paradigm and now we have to wait for the rest of it to pass through before we start to see and hear of tangible positive changes.

There is no going back. In fact there has been no going back since the mid ’90s. It has been somewhat scary as everything we have been doing was totally uncharted, even those beings helping from the far reaches of our universe knew the battle for us to break free of the negative grip on our planet was fraught with obstructions.

Just keep working on yourself and be the very best representation of yourself you can be, smile and breathe a sigh of relief 🙂

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Energy Update 23rd May 2013 – Increase Personal Vigilance For 48 Hours!

I-Ching - 63 - Chi Chi

I-Ching – Trigram 63 – Chi Chi
After Completion

The astrological and galactic energy at present should be one of positiveness, relief and forward thinking. It would almost feel like holidays and parties are just around the corner yet there flips in a little doubt or fear or irritableness about something or nothing.

There is an energetic undercurrent that will jump in and take over (and thereby magnify) any negative feelings you have. So this is a time to very closely monitor yourself, your thoughts, your actions and most importantly you reactions because out of the blue things can easily blow out of proportion.

The image I enclose with this post is from The I – Ching or Book Of Changes because a passage from the translation by Brian Browne Walker describes perfectly our situation and how we should handle it:

Quote (page 129): “It is important not to become indifferent to spiritual details at this time: if a thought or action even borders on incorrectness, discard it and return to the path of the Sage immediately. One minute we dip our toe in incorrectness, the next minute we are swimming in it, and the next we drown. Therefore it is wiser to simply keep our toes dry in the first place. You are also counseled to remain alert to inferior influences in others. You can only prevent misfortunes by anticipating them in advance, and this is achieved through watchfulness.” End Quote.

Remember this may not even be part of you or another that creates this discord or negativeness so don’t attach any blame as that is the purpose – give the person the impetus to do the deed themselves. The most important thing is to stand back and monitor, monitor, monitor and recognise the lower vibrational energy is just waiting to put fuel on any fire you are drawn into.

You are so near achieving your goals to break free and earn the right to BE. These are the ultimate tests we are under now and EVERYBODY is more than a match. Just stay calm, armed with the knowledge to SEE what games are being played out.


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Quick Note To Light Workers

note!Just a very quick heads up to all light workers who visualise the light above their crown chakra and bring it down through themselves and anchor it to the centre of Gaia. Please at this time cease this practice and just visualise the light in your heart centre expanding and radiating out. This will allow Gaia to arrange her energies more easily 🙂

If you worry about getting spacey just think of your feet 🙂

You can return to your normal practices after 48 hours (if you choose to).

For Next 72 Hours Try To Stay In Your Heart Centre – Peace Be Still

At this time there is a lot happening on many levels galactic, planetary, energetic and emotional to which to a greater degree we are passengers. Although there is one very effective and powerful way in which we can contribute; by staying calm and in our heart centre.

Despite the constant and seemingly increasing surge of negativity upon the planet there is a very powerful and increasing wave of purifying light flushing the dross to the surface to be cleansed. The thing for us to do is try to avoid getting caught up in the tide. Which is why doing things in nature, stepping away from the news, spending time in meditation or whatever else gives you the space to let go and find that part of you which is at peace and at one with the original spark of creation, the essence of all life.

Remember: breathe in peace, love and calm – pause – breathe out fear, anger and tension – pause (repeat until calm).

Some might notice the high levels of love coming in from our off planet family is tangible at present 🙂

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Ascension Training – Time Travel – How To Avoid Being Drawn Back In Time

timeAlthough many will get excited by the title of this posting, the topic is actually about learning how not to time travel rather than how to.

As our vibration increases so do the abilities we have. Time shifting is something that many of you already do and are not aware of it. This explanation can help avoid or at least understand the process.

Two of the main triggers are music and reminiscing, either listening to a song or piece of music or talking / thinking of a time / event that registered strongly with you in the past.

Awareness! awareness literally means being aware. It is not some magical super power only available to a chosen few, it is there for everybody. To be aware is to notice subtle signs and indications, things that are not necessarily in plain view. Also noticing what is not being said and thereby picking up hidden agendas. As things are progressing rapidly in a world where the buzzword transparency became synonymous with lies and deception it would be prudent to fully embrace your awareness.

How do I know if I time shifted Say in the past you were driving along, relaxed with music playing in the background. Your thoughts were drifting in and out, not necessarily thinking of anything when you get a beautiful serene feeling wash over you (like when connecting to higher guidance). This coincided with a particular part of the music or song that resonates highly with you on a spiritual or deep level.

Step forward in time to now and a more evolved version of you. You are relaxed, listening to the radio and that same music or song comes on. As it gets to the part that resonates with you you suddenly find a memory of driving when the song came on and a strong connection to that period of time fills you completely – all the emotions, feelings, events wash over you.

Normally the connection wouldn’t register, now, using our awareness we see and feel the connection and the reality of what actually happened. You are the higher being that momentarily visited your past self and gave that serene connected to spirit feel. The down side to this is the ‘now’ you absorbs some of the lower vibration reality of the connection which can destabilise one’s equilibrium for a short while until we rise above it.

The training exercise – Now armed with this knowledge one can practise listening to music or songs from various notable periods in our past. Though this time try not to be drawn back, remain in the here and now and remember or view the past without an emotional connection. It is almost like watching something playing out on television or through a net curtained window. With practice over time it becomes natural and old emotions whether good or bad can stay in the past thereby making living in the moment easier.

Remember you are not the person you were and have cleared much karmic debris since then. So obviously what is in the past should remain in the past, we have more than enough to deal with without going back for stuff we have got rid of 🙂 Don’t worry, if there is any karma that still needs to be sorted it will keep reappearing in different forms until you deal with it.

Through the art of stillness our perception is greatly increased!

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Ascension Update 26th April 2013 – It’s You!

uMany are demanding disclosure and sitting waiting in eager expectation for fleets of craft to come and save us. The thing we are all missing is the fact we are not ready for evolved beings to fully interact with us, we are still too low in vibration.

Through change of diet and various meditative or exercise regimes we can get the feeling of being at a higher vibration. Yet we still revert to anger, judgement, jealousy,  greed, superiority, inferiority or other emotional extremes we are not particularly comfortable to be around. The fact that we as a species can without warning flit from one state of emotion to another we are quite scary / dangerous to those of 5d and higher which are the only beings we can trust 100% at this point in time (that doesn’t mean that all beings below 5d cannot be trusted it is just they like us live in duality).

The energies coming in are continuing to raise our vibration automatically but we can greatly assist the process by being totally vigilant of our thoughts and actions. Remember in these higher dimensions you can be silent and smile but your thoughts, emotions and intent are how you communicate.

In reality our skies are literally crowded with craft and we are almost rubbing shoulders with beings of higher vibration even though we cannot see them. Although when we are in a quiet peaceful meditative state we can often hear messages from these beings entering our ‘knowing’ and even see glimpses of them.

Everything from sitcoms to computer games are specifically designed to lower your vibration and desensitise you to what is acceptable behaviour of an advanced civilisation. Chemicals in the air, water and food are designed to make us compliant and assume this baseness is normal and even indulge and thereby lower vibration more.

As the levels of light started increasing many started waking and they in turn passed on the message and more started waking and so on. Now a quite appreciable amount of people on the planet fully embrace spiritual practices, healing and belief of something better. Of course there are still people who are scared, stubborn or to indoctrinated to embrace the future so give them love and leave them in peace. We can help all these people by going the extra mile and continuing to improve ourselves 🙂

So when that harsh thought comes, catch it before it grows and negate it.

When that person says something that instantly raises your anger, breathe through it, let it go and refuse to bite.

There is nothing wrong in speaking out or taking action to stop bad things happening but always try to maintain your equilibrium.

Follow these simple guidelines and before you know it you will start feeling and seeing our friends and realise they were here all the time 🙂 and what is more your personal diligence will speed up the ascension process.

You are controlling events much more than you realise 🙂

Returning to innocence ♥

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Ascension Update 24th April 2013 – Preparing For Reality Shift!


Jettison that which got you here in order to proceed!

This message doesn’t apply to everybody at this time but probably will register with most at some point on their journey.

You possibly have followed many teachings and teachers to attain the level of understanding you have now reached. And if you have absorbed the knowledge and processed it to reach the same or equivalent understanding deep within your being. You more than likely have got to the ‘what next’ point or more appropriately the ‘does it matter’ point 🙂

All ancient teachings and text have one thing in common – they all apply to the level of understanding attained by either people who exist / existed on 3d earth or evolved beings attached to this consciousness.

None of this information is of any use beyond this level of consciousness as everything  is evolving, not just us. Most people have at some time said or heard it’s enough to BE. Even though we know it’s enough to BE most of us spend the majority of our free time concerning ourselves about everything and everybody instead of BEing.

All the books, seminars, teachers and teachings provide a valid and useful service in guiding people to eventually get to the point where they KNOW themselves in relationship to all that is. They thereby have a good relationship with their higher-self in fact some are united with their higher-self.

In order to move beyond this reality to the new reality one needs to LET GO of the need to see everything in relationship to what you have learnt. When one removes the point of focus one sees everything 🙂

We only had all these experiences to discover what works and what doesn’t and to see what would happen if you allow total random evolution with no guidance (duality). Many planets (not just us) have evolved to the point of self destruction. This will no longer be the case after the completed ascension process (evolution) of our universe as all life will benefit from our ascension including those that are helping us from the far reaches of our universe.

You have nothing to fear embracing the future beyond this reality and everything to gain ♥

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5D Thinking vs 3D Thinking

cloudMany are desperate to learn all they need to know in order to be able to become a valid and useful member of fifth dimensional (5d) society. In some ways the knowledge has already been given to us, we just need to learn how to adjust to it’s full potential.

Compare our minds to our computers In traditional computing as in 3d, one downloaded all the information we needed and saved it for future reference. This obviously has limitations; the size of the hard drive, the speed at which the computer can process all the information in order to retrieve data in the future.

In Cloud computing as in 5d living there is required an element of trust ‘will I be able to access the information when I need it’. In order to utilise the Clouds full potential we store the information where all that need to access it, can. This ensures the correct up to date data is available to all that have access to it. Putting this in terms of 5d living; if one puts aside the need to possess or own everything (even knowledge) and thereby diminishing the power of the ego and it’s desire for separation we open new potentials.

We realise when our minds like our hard drives are not crammed with things we do not need at that moment the speed at which we can access information is greatly increased. We just have to dip into ‘the consciousness’ (Cloud) and all we need is instantly available 🙂

The actual comparison is not strictly true but subconsciously you will extract (remember) the reality of unity consciousness and the connection to the whole 🙂

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Listen To Your Body Over The Next Few Days!

listenIf you are careful about what you eat and therefore have removed certain food types or minerals from your diet (this applies possibly more to those on a spiritual growth path) please take time to listen carefully to your body (your vehicle) over the next few days. Many of us on spiritual journeys sometimes miss subtle clues that the vehicle gives us that could prevent future discomfort or higher communication breakdown.

So take time to listen especially over the next few days 🙂

I am not going to make any recommendations as this is very much a personal thing, but at this time the pressures and energy drain placed upon your body are extremely high.

Your body will thank you 🙂

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Thank You To All The Unsung Heros!

thankyouThis is a big thank you to all the unsung heros out there ♥

If you are one of those people who just try to do the right thing and quietly go about your daily life as an upright member of society, but tend to sleep deep undisturbed sleep and wake up a little low on energy and somewhat dehydrated. you could very well be one 🙂 note: this doesn’t apply if you went to bed after over indulging in drugs or alcohol.

These people have no need to give themselves special names, they tend to not talk to much about themselves and how they feel even when constantly bombarded by others tales of woe. They came knowing (even if only subconsciously) they would never be known or thanked for what they did for humanity and other worlds.

In dreamtime you are part of a truly huge group of similar people who are energetically working behind the scenes to clear the planet, it’s etheric and auric fields from lower / base energies, fighting enemies both domestic and foreign.

Even in your normal day to day life you still work by trying to monitor your thoughts and actions and thereby correcting any negative thoughts as they come into your mind.

So thank you, all of you unsung heros, you are truly appreciated and ALL is seen and known the other side of they veil 🙂

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