Ascension Update – Reality Check! Or Should I Say Disclosure!

spaceI, like a lot of people find whilst driving, guidance is often given to me. Today was no different yet today was very different as I was given a much clearer understanding of where we go from here and why all the guidance given up to now even though uplifting has been somewhat out of alignment with feelings of the future.

At present we are still in the third / fourth dimension and therefore everything within our range of scope will be within the third dimension. Hence all guidance all beings all realities will be from that perspective. Once we have raised our vibration to the point where we can appear in the fifth dimension our whole perspective will be from that point of view therefore all realities will be different to everything else described or experienced before, it is all about perspective. I prefer not to talk about time lines as in reality there is no time but from an individual’s perspective some might move to a higher dimension before others. This isn’t because someone is better than another person it is all to do with an individual’s ability to raise their vibration and educate their lower nature or ego to be happy to be part of the whole. In fifth dimension all work for the good of the whole and even though you still keep your personality the desire for possessions, power over others, status would not exist or be needed. If you DO NOT hold the pure vibration of the higher dimension you cannot and will not enter NOTE: Higher Dimensional beings can enter lower dimensions although it can be painful and in some cases dangerous.

Now if we embrace this new perspective of the differential between dimensions we can understand more fully why certain parties would like us to be embroiled in worries or concerns about war, justice, finances, revaluation, UFOs, disclosure, sex, etc. ad infinitum. All the aforementioned have one thing in common they are all grounding in the third dimension and hence lock one out of the Ascension vibration as they take one out of the NOW moment. Hopes dreams and wishes as well as fear, judgement and anger are all based in either the future or the past and take one out of the NOW moment. There is nothing wrong in visiting these emotions as they are all part of the human condition but it is not in our interest to dwell within these areas as they stunt growth.

There is no need to be concerned if one feels it is too difficult to transcend these old emotions as the increase in incoming light, the assistance from the earth and group consciousness we are evolving faster than we realise 🙂 It is and has always been the intention of the higher light forces that no-one will be left behind and ALL will be given the chance to evolve. Another point to remember is this is about EVOLUTION of CREATION and therefore MUCH BIGGER than us or our egos. We will not be allowed to hinder this process and should be extremely grateful that higher realities going right back to Source are diligently and lovingly assisting us to raise our consciousness and transcend this reality with the least discomfort.

This message is related to transition into higher nonphysical existence. If you find it difficult to embrace or comprehend please dismiss it ♥

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Ascension Update & Training – Letting Go!

Cutting TiesWe are now in a time of convergence which can be somewhat uncomfortable no matter what degree of understanding or personal growth attained. All realities (real or imagined) are meeting in readiness to move forward into a new existence of unity consciousness and positive singular polarity. This not only applies to us and our planet but all existence as the very basis of existence is evolving.

In order to completely align with the future we need release any attachment to past or future realities whether real, imagined or adopted from another’s teachings. One truly needs to be free to live in the moment. This cannot be achieved if one is hanging on to events from our past or expectations of some predicted future. There is literally no one we can trust at this moment only our pure connection to truth deep within our heart beyond our ego and all fears, hopes, dreams or wishes. As we have been made aware, those in positions of trust have proven at least to be weak or self serving and in the main and to all intents and purposes evil.

By individuals withdrawing, clearing and remaining in the heart (god / creator) center they will sever energetic ties to manufactured timelines and truly align with the Original Creator and future reality.  It is not a matter or life and death to achieve the ability to remain perfectly still but it will considerably ease transition during future events.

At this time many truths will be shown to you and many individuals will try to get you to transfer energy to them or their projects (by believing them). If you truly let go you will automatically be aligned with Original Creators plan so there is no need to buy into any fear tactics (black magic) that all will be lost if you do not follow this or that.

Nobody can make anything happen but they can trick you into making them happen. This is why letting go and sending love and forgiveness to all parties (including and especially yourself) is so important as guilt is one of the most powerful energetic ties to pull on in controlling another. We need to forgive ourselves for what we have allowed happen to ourselves and our beautiful planet ♥

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Ascension Update – The Whole Contains All That Is And So Do YOU!

lightEverything is reaching a point where the breakaway frequency is nearing and those that truly vibrate with the future will get more than a glimpse of its reality.

All that is good and all that is evil make the whole. As much as we might like to externalise and point fingers we need to embrace that each of us originates from the centre of that whole and therefore contain all that is good and all that is evil. The only thing that sets us apart are the choices we make – not only the choices of our actions but the choices of our thoughts and attitudes as they at some level create reality. Up until now (your training period) the only thing you have been allowed to create is personal discomfort and hindrence. In order to move forward and part of coming into your full BEingness you also need to have proven a sense of responsibility that rises above ego, service to self or individuals and embraces that which is for the benefit of the FUTURE OF ALL EXISTENCE (seen and unseen). As many are aware this is much more than the evolution of our planet and it’s inhabitants this is about taking ALL EXISTENCE to the NEXT LEVEL to higher a consciousness than even the most evolved beings experience at present. Of course there has to be a trade off, the letting go of pain, suffering and the darker aspects of existence. Many will argue that ALL has the right to exist although I think you will find the advocates are not the ones suffering.

Evolution is a progressive and organic event that applies not only here in 3D but at all levels of existence. What is happening is not some random series of events it is a natural recognition starting at the begining of creation that a evolutionary step needs to be made to protect it’s existence.

Over the next 48 hours the influx of higher vibrational light (pure unconditional love energy) will bring a sense of balance to those aligned with the future – a blessing from creation for your hard work and diligence ♥

Be the best representation of yourself you can be, not to please some deity or win favour but because it FEELS the right thing to do!

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Aisha North – The manuscript of survival – part 409

lightThis latest post by Aisha North is so near my own perspective that I thought I should post it for any of my readers who until now have not read her messages. Enjoy ♥

The manuscript of survival – part 409

You have by now started to prepare yourselves for what lies ahead, for even if you are not consciously aware of it, your innermost being has been waiting for this forever. You see, you knew beforehand what you could expect on this journey, and even if that may seem like too much to comprehend at the moment, you came down into this physical body of yours, this time traveller to find another well-fitting description for it, well versed in the challenges you would face along the way. You also came in knowing that this would not be merely toil, travail and heartache, for the real reason for your arrival here this time was one of joy and one of elation.

And so, this is the real reason that has kept you going through all of the ups and all of the numerous downs, through hardship and despair, and through your darkest hours. For you knew fully well that you did not arrive onto these shores just to suffer, not this time. For you have been here again and again, searching enlightenment in the form of understanding, by seeing what lies on the other scale of the light, and to see just how far from the light is was possible to travel. And, as you all know so well by now, the possibilities are indeed endless. And as you searched high and low, both literally and figuratively through the densities and through the unlit corridors of the human psyche, you found so much knowledge that you carried with you as you left that physical body behind. For this mortal coil as they say kept turning around and around, and every time you came in, you gathered even more information that could be of immense help to All of creation.

Remember, this place is for individual and collective accruing of learning that is being held in safekeeping for the betterment of all. In other words, whilst being within a human body on Planet Earth, everything you experience will be carefully recorded, and the records will be kept for eternity. And no, not to set up a list that you will be held accounted for, where your so called “good deeds”will be carefully sifted to see if they outweigh the so-called “bad deeds” and then you will be rewarded accordingly. No, in this everything carries equal weight, and everything carries the same reward of thankfulness from All there is. You see, what you learn, you learn for us all, and so whatever has happened throughout your repeated journey to this planet will be held aloft as a shining example of courage and willingness to go that extra mile in order to accrue the experience no one cold have attempted in any other location than on Planet Earth. But again, this time it is different, for this time, you will learn the biggest lesson of them all. For this time, you are here to relearn to remember everything, and you are here to remember the greatness that resides within each and every one of you, and you are here to help to bring this knowledge out from the darkest corners of each and every one of your fellow men.

For you are here to reignite the light, not only within yourself, but also in everyone around you. For as you start to blaze ever brighter, you will accomplish this seemingly impossible result in everything and everyone around you. Remember, you are not here as preachers and reformers, you are here to be living examples of the light, and that is what you already are, and that is what you already perform to the highest of degree. You see, you seem to think that you must work so hard to “save the rest” from themselves, but that is not your role. You are here to be a shining example, and then, the rest will follow suit. If they choose to do so. For just like no one could force any one of you to reopen the doors to that great hall of greatness you have within, so too can you not force anyone else to make that same decision to join you in this ever increasing light. For that is indeed a decision that must be made individually, by every single soul currently inhabiting this planet. For some, the choice will be an easy one, for they can already feel the stirrings of something great and wonderful within, and they will look at you and see their own journey in your loving eyes. While for others, the road will be a longer one, and they will make the choices they will feel is right for them. Whether that will be to exit their current body and re-enter within a physical vehicle more prepared to take on this task of lifting themselves to the light by way of a far more adaptable spark of consciousness carried within them, or if they will choose to linger on in that dark valley of despair they know well, and to them will seem to be the safest place to continue on dwelling in.

And so, as the light continue to increase at an ever increasing speed, so too will these decisions start to manifest in all sorts of ways. So yes, you will see drama playing out on all sides, in the form of elation and wonder, but also in a heightened sense of despair in those amongst your brethren who cannot endure to face this light. And that is why we once again will remind you of your role as wayshowers and as pioneers. For you are here to literally show the way by standing in your light, and by being in the now, and by not letting yourself be tempted to fall into the same cauldron of fear that others will choose to plunge themselves in in the time ahead. For remember what we have already told you, as the light increases, the shadows will seem to darken, and this will trigger the last remnants of fear in many a timid mind. So you are here to dampen the fears by simply being in the light, and by keeping up that heartbeat of love that is already beating out a safe and steady rhythm, not only inside each and every one of you, but also within your Mother, your home planet, the living embodiment of Creation that is carrying you all towards the future. And if you ever doubt your own strength, try to tune into hers, for it is indeed invincible, and it has already started to increase exponentially because of this whole new energetic environment that you are all suspended within.

So again we say, hold still and take a pause, the better to tune into your own steady rhythm of light and then, take some time to do the same with your Mother Earth. For her powerful heartbeat can be felt in all sorts of ways, and even if she may trigger some uncomfortable sensations within all of you as she continues to shift and rearrange herself in preparation for the growth spurt you are all approaching, do not let that fool any of you into thinking that she is doing anything that can be construed as negative. She is merely following her nature of growing towards the light, and now that so much that has been standing in her way and blocking out the light has been removed, she will indeed start to stretch herself as much as she can, the better to allow for the inevitable expansion that comes with this increasing amount of light that is a constant source of replenishment for you all at the moment.

And so too will you feel the need to extend yourselves beyond the old limits, and you will do so in all sort of ways, and alongside this expansion also comes challenges in the form of growing pains, temporary imbalance and the odd aches and a feeling of resctriction. But again, these are all just signs of your own growth, and as such something you should try to look upon as signals of success. We know this will be hard to do as some of these aches and pains can be more than unusually hard to digest, but still, they are all signals of your own empowerment, an empowerment caused by this incoming flux of light. And now, that influx will increase steadily, and so, these creaks and groans, these periods of upheaval both internally and externally will become more than noticeable. So again we remind you to take a pause to reconnect to that steady and steadfast harbinger of good times that is already beating within you and within this planet, and know that this beat is the beat of the new, the one that will have you all up on your feat and dancing with joy before you know it.

~ by Aisha North on April 4, 2014.

Heads Up – Information Overload – Peace Be Still!

As things speed up and more and more information surfaces those that are awake and aware can let go of the need to spread the word for a while. Everything is unravelling of its own accord now and you would be of greater service maintaining your own calm and peace and allowing it to spread. As we are part of the whole the chaos within our minds spread not only to others but the planet itself.

Who did what to whom, what latest madness fills the news, what happened in the past or what could happen in the future have no importance as you will not need it in the future. You will have access to all knowledge, therefore only need know what you need to know at any given time – now is the time to practice in readiness 🙂

Using whatever methods that work for you, center yourself and stand as a beacon of peace amidst the chaos (the video posted above may assist in focussing). You can now really manifest our new reality, not through will or visualisation but purely by holding the peace required for the seeds to flourish and blossom ♥

Ascension Update – Let Go, Let Go, Let Go – Embrace The Light!

lightDespite what on the surface seems the contrary, our consciousness has reached a place where we are almost at the point where transition into higher realms are possible. To make the next step we need to break free from the old in order to embrace the new. To enable and assist this there will be a wave of light (energy from creator source), considerably larger than anything we have had up to now. There is no need to fear this or recall memories of uncomfortable experiences of previous waves of light as you are now running at a much higher frequency and therefore more than capable of handling this wave. In fact all that you have been through up to this moment has been preparing for this moment.

Evolution is a process where a path is taken and if it is beneficial to success, growth and survival it is adopted and grown upon. If a process is not in accordance with this principle it inevitably whithers and dies. Creator source is not a man, woman or being it is that spark or essence within all existence that carries the message to evolve in as positive and progressive way as possible. Now if we want to expand upon this notion it is possible to see that if life was evolving and surviving but in a basic and destructive way (not just here on earth but throughout many areas of existence) there would come a time where the signal would go back to the origin that an evolutionary step needs to be made for ultimate growth and survival. This is where we are and this is what we are witnessing first hand. This is not like evolution as we witness in plants or animals i.e. the death of a species as we are talking at an energetic level, it is just like changing one’s perspective and all existence changes.

What can I do to prepare? It is not so much doing as letting go of any thought, grievance or attitude that lock you into past negative experiences. You will experience many vivid dream scenarios which will allow you opportunities to clear any karma attached to deep rooted or too uncomfortable situations. All you need do is make the right choices or see where attitudes or behaviour was not aligned with harmonious outcomes.

Embracing positive words, thoughts and attitudes will greatly assist your forward motion, such as unconditional (non physical) love, forgiveness, gentleness, compassion, trusting and believing that which is good and true will always ultimately prevail.

If someone or something draws you into negative or doubtful thoughts just pause for a short while to compose yourself until calm and centered and the negativity disperses.

Is it really that simple? Yes! it always has been but we are quick to advise but not so quick to learn 🙂

Can I believe or trust this information? Of course not, have you not learnt anything from the politicians, bankers, health services, police, law etc. etc. You must use your god given right to go within and use your discernment – not discernment guided by anything you have read or heard or been taught but by your connection to that original spark of light, the essence of all creation that sits in your heart – the ultimate connection to the beginning and the future – you are part of creation and it of you. If it aligns with truth you will know deep within.

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Ascension Update – DISCERNMENT At This Time!

20140302-181907.jpgNo matter what you see in the media or shared by your “friends” use discernment during this time as all is not what it seems. As certain players are still choosing to maintain the old timelines. Luckily a most unexpected player is holding the light in order to maintain protection of many souls.

Regardless of what your thought processes and outside appearances tell you, understand and believe there will be a remarkable outcome to all that is happening at this time. This whole episode will once and for all expose the allegiances of ALL, seen and unseen to either the benefit of existence (life / creation) or the rather limited and short sighted service to self interest.

Please remember this is MUCH BIGGER than us and our rather limited understanding of a considerably larger perspective. Always align with all that is good, pure and true and you will truly experience wonders beyond all limitation ♥

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Ascension Update – The Energy Is Building – Riding The Wave!

WormholeAcross the planet and our galaxy, energy is building in preparation for a breakthrough. As much as we might limit this to changes of power control or finances, we are approaching something considerably more important if not miraculous. Yes, there will be shifts of power and indeed a significant improvement in global financial situations. These in turn will ‘lighten’ or raise one’s outlook and hence positivity. The point at which we are situated in time and space are aligned with a much larger shift, not purely in consciousness but dimensionally – there is nothing to fear from this as on a deeper level we are fully conversant with these realms.

How Can I Prepare? [This will work for many people but not all] Firstly a simple thing would be to remember the forename you were given at birth. Not family nicknames or abbreviations or chosen names but the actual name you were given by you parents. In the majority of cases this will carry an energy signature which when repeated over and over in your mind (as if talking to yourself) will assist to retrace your connection to the ‘whole’. A by-product of this process will be a more connected feeling and for those who only get a sense of self through playing out roles of the ego, contentment. Also for those who seek their twin flame, when happily aligned with our true energy signature it will be much easier to find each other.

For many months now the consciousness of everything on and within our planet has been rising, which has greatly assisted our preparation for the move forward. Believe it or not the people we must thank mostly for the leap forward are the average man or woman who just try to be good members of society. By endeavoring to keep the status quo amidst a world that is corrupt and broken these individuals have assisted in preventing things getting worse than they already are thereby easing and raising those that also carry the burden.

What Next! There will be social, financial and political changes which will bring about a very high, positive vibration. In order to maximise this situation one really needs to show self-control by providing our own limitations (parenting) on our egos which if left unchecked could turn the advantage into another hell. If these factors are balanced correctly the rise in vibration will continue smoothly to the point where we will shift to New Earth (same earth, different frequency) which will be somewhat akin to all the depictions of Heaven.

What if we have had enough of control and just want to party 🙂 The evolution process will still happen but will be less smooth and not very comfortable as our vibrations wouldn’t directly align with our future selves (a bit like changing from 3rd to 5th in a manual automobile with no synchromesh).

When will this happen? Could be any time, although I suspect the positive changes on the planet will be an important factor in raising our vibration at a faster rate. We can see by the fact that the sun is incredibly quiet (easier to change operating systems when not under load) that on a greater galactic level plans are proceeding nicely for a larger evolutionary step. Remember this is a perfectly natural occurrence even if this particular scenario is undocumented.

What Will It Feel Like? You know on the first night away from home one can sometimes awaken from a deep sleep and feel a little disoriented until one realises where one is. Well this will be the opposite 🙂 it will be like awakening from an uncomfortable dream safe and sound in familiar surroundings.

Note: this information came as snippets over several days and my interpretation (decoding) feels somewhat strange as information from an area of no time doesn’t translate readily to an area within time. However on a deeper level you will absorb what resonates and can discard what doesn’t.

On a day to day basis try to be the best representation of yourself you can be. Stay as calm as possible. Make sure you stay hydrated and listen to your body as it inherently knows what it needs.

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Energy Update – Dealing With The Latest Incoming Energy!

 This closeup of the sun taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows large sunspot AR1944 and the source area of the X1.2 class solar flare, which appears to be from adjacent, smaller sunspot AR1943. Credit: NASA/SDO

This closeup of the sun taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows large sunspot AR1944 and the source area of the X1.2 class solar flare, which appears to be from adjacent, smaller sunspot AR1943. Credit: NASA/SDO

Many have been feeling the energy build up for a few days as the planet is already fairly highly charged at present. This post is to help those who are finding the pressure almost at the point of being unbearable. Things that were normal practice previously are often forgotten as time speeds up and can assist greatly at this time.

Take time to sit in quiet contemplation / meditation / prayer or in other words take time-out to sit quietly and switch the mind off. This is vitally important to allow the old aspects of you to fall away and give more room for the new aspects being downloaded from not only the Sun but practically the whole of existence right back to the origin.

The incoming energies are building up in preparation for the next wave of higher programming from Creator Source.

If at this time you find truths that once felt correct or comfortable are now clouded in suspicion or doubt, please just go with your inner guidance. Everything that has got you to where you are is a bonus and realities are going (eventually) to be far beyond any perceived by previous knowledge. There is definitely nothing to fear from the future and everything to look forward to as Creator Source brings balance and healing and takes existence to the next level.

Be the best representation of yourself you can be and live in respect of all life seen or unseen, known or unknown as it is all part of you and you of it ♥

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Ascension Update – Are You One Of The First?

earthvisionSome are feeling something in the air and it has nothing to do with Earthly material matters. It seems that the first humans are very near to the point where their energies are high and pure enough to reach New Earth.

This has nothing to do with whether you are a first wave, second wave, starseed or what activations, training or level of understanding you have attained. The key is purity of thought, purity of intent and a willingness to recognise and release old baggage. These attributes cannot be bought, learnt parrot fashion or feigned. They are a state of being reached through honest introspection and diligence to remove the corruption of our essence caused by living in duality.

This isn’t to say the mass ascension has started but those who have achieved the right criteria will make the move on the understanding that they will immediately manifest back here in 3d+ to act as bridges, beacons, guides and attendants.

There are no titles of rank, no uniform, no special names (any or all of these will automatically activate ego and snap you back to your old self).

There is no financial reward but you will notice you have everything you need when you actually need it 🙂

You will find in your day-to-day life you will be given opportunities to touch the lives of other souls and without actually appearing to do anything will open doors within them that will assist in their ascension process. This definitely will not be standing on a platform preaching, it will be part of your normal life. As more and more people get to clearance vibration they too will return to assist until all that can ascend through natural progression will.

There is a failsafe that will prevent contamination of New Earth and in the final stages of ascension those who cannot let go of that which is not part of the future will be assisted in cleansing.

Those of you who are making this transition need not worry that you will be leaving anyone behind as the process in earth time will be instantaneous and nobody will notice anything different about you 🙂 Also you need not worry about how you are going to cope as in real-time you will be given all the training and assistance you need during the transition.

Those who have boarding passes departure gates are opening soon ♥

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