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Compression! Relax, Release, Reinforce Inner Light

During this stage of evolution some might feel certain symptoms / conditions like increased emotional, mental or physical pressure. This could present itself as anxiety, cold / flu symptoms, emotional highs / lows or in fact just things going wrong. This is because to all intents and purposes the ceiling has been lowered (or we […]


Dissolving Realities!

At this time this post is mainly for those of you who came from non-physical existence into this physical reality for this specific period of evolution and change. As you have probably experienced more than a few seemingly bizarre physical and non-physical experiences during your time here nothing much has unduly thrown you. Now however […]


What If!!! Time of Personal Responsibility And Accountability!

What if all the bad things we read about and see on websites and social media never happen unless we post and repost the stories until they become reality. The initial instigators of these events would to all intents and purposes be blameless whereas we the manifesters would in truth be held responsible as nobody […]


Re-Post From 20th June 2014 As It Feels Appropriate NOW!!

Everything is reaching a point where the breakaway frequency is nearing and those that truly vibrate with the future will get more than a glimpse of its reality. All that is good and all that is evil make the whole. As much as we might like to externalise and point fingers we need to embrace […]


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