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david has been a member since February 23rd 2013, and has created 81 posts from scratch.

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I lived a life to prepare for this time of change of all that we know and don't know!

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This Author's Website is http://theviewfrommywindow.co.uk

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Closing The Book!

This blog was written to assist in the crucial transition from what was to what will be. Encoded within the posts were the eqivalent of a roadmap (memory aid) to find your way forward. The time has now come for me to let go of this as I have fulfilled all I was guided to do. I have not received any further intuitive guidance and therefore I release any real or misguided commitment.


When one eventually ceases searching one will find their answers.


….in love and service – david ♥

It’s All About Frequency, That’s All!

Illusion, delusion, confusion – chaos abounds! When in the midst of a vortex the wise soul refrains from grabbing on to anything as realities are constantly changing. Love and purity of intent are the only requisites to clear the way.

Be honest with yourself as well as others ♥

Want to know the answer to life, the Universe and everything









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If You Were Creator In Any Of Its Guises, How Would You See Yourself!


humanitythe quality of being humane

humaneness – the quality of compassion or consideration for others (people or animals)

Creation In-Breath – Chaos of the Merging of Options!

lightWe existed at the edge of creation! Creator breathes out and evolution is experienced until a point is reached where no more growth can occur and then it breathes in again. Or as in our case now, any further growth could jeopardise the existence of creation itself.

We in general are not bad people but circumstances and poor choices by certain individuals had put us on a path of self-destruction. For us as and our world to be destroyed, in itself is not a particularly big deal in the realms of existence. Because of the sensitivity and close proximity of extremely evolved beings a plan had to be put in place to correct our paths without the need of a reset. We are evolving at an exponential rate. This was deemed to be the most effective way to correct our evolutionary path without starting again. The lessons learnt on our journey will ensure the levels of injustice and depravity experienced on and around this planet will never happen again. Safeguards will be put in place to ensure certain paths will never be followed.

The reason for this post is purely to put you at ease if you are finding your reality is becoming somewhat bizarre. During the in-breath the various possibilities that exist in our energetic field are merging. Where our path of separation was halted and reversed there is now a rejoining of multiple aspects or versions or our existence.

Those that are finding this most uncomfortable are those regimented and less fluid to changes that cannot be logically explained. It will assist if one tries to not entangle your consciousness field in the fragmenting outer boundaries, deal with every day things as and when they arise and it will be more comfortable. We cannot stop what is happening but we can ease the path by being gentle, compassionate, tolerant and forgiving.

We truly are many aspects of ONE


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