The Love We Know and That Forgotten – Preparing For The Future!

One of the most powerful and remarkable aspects of living here on this planet in 3D existence is our ability to reach extreme levels of emotional connection. Admittedly the negative aspects are nothing to brag about but they come hand in hand with the positive [Living in duality means there will always be equal opposites]. We are capable of levels of love and compassion that those from other realms find astonishing. Many will at some point in their life know the feeling of loving someone or something so much it literally makes their heart hurt.

The thought of moving to another level of conscious reality where there is uncertainty of who or what will be there. In fact whether we will be as we now perceive ourselves to be, can bring about a form of grieving. The fear that things we hold dear may no longer be there can bring about a reluctance to let go of the old reality, thereby restricting growth.

The truth is all that was and all that will be exist in the now moment. They are all mere snippets of thought that we follow. In the higher levels of existence we can visit and act out any of these roles at any time we choose as nothing is rigid. As our true selves (beyond this illusion we are playing out) we do not have the extremes of emotion, we have pure unconditional love which is eternal. This love if shared to a 3D human feels like all encompassing bliss (many who channel will be familiar with this).

So remember there is no goodbye and no leaving just a change of perspective ♥

Copyright © I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. All I ask is you use it to assist mankind rather than profit from it ♥


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