Thursday 17th March 2016 – Ascension Update!

lightI do not want to instill fear, only love ♥ Forget about who, what, why and how JUST BE THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF YOURSELF YOU CAN BE!!!

We are at a point in the evolution of creation where your thoughts, attitudes and actions will determine your future. Please do not sacrifice it for an idealism of something real or imagined. All is just pure energy, nothing else! Where we are going has no keys, no secrets, no fee – just PURE INTENTIONS! It doesn’t matter who you were or what you have done – the weight of your soul is measured  by purity of thought and intention and NOTHING ELSE!

Step away from the theatre and hold the pure connection within your heart ♥

Copyright © I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. All I ask is you use it to assist mankind rather than profit from it ♥

One Response to “Thursday 17th March 2016 – Ascension Update!”

  1. david says:

    I feel the EVENT could be very soon, Forget about the monetary or political stuff and just keep your own house (thoughts and attitudes) in order. Reality is just a perspective or vision and therefore is not in fact reality.

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