Compression! Relax, Release, Reinforce Inner Light

CompressionDuring this stage of evolution some might feel certain symptoms / conditions like increased emotional, mental or physical pressure. This could present itself as anxiety, cold / flu symptoms, emotional highs / lows or in fact just things going wrong.

This is because to all intents and purposes the ceiling has been lowered (or we have expanded). The best way to deal or cope with this is to centre oneself and calm / still every aspect of every level of our being so we are at one with our inner light. Once centred and conditions have eased, hold this position as long as possible as you are assisting the whole haul new earth out of the mire of the past.

You are awesome and more than a match of the gravitational pull of the past. Be the best representation of all you are as an aspect of creation itself ♥

No matter how much your buttons are being pushed pull on your inner light – not long to go you are on the home run 🙂

If ever you forget, just remind yourself of who you really are with this affirmation (if it feels right): “The light within my heart is strong and I am one with all that is good and pure and true”

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