Dissolving Realities!

spaceAt this time this post is mainly for those of you who came from non-physical existence into this physical reality for this specific period of evolution and change.

As you have probably experienced more than a few seemingly bizarre physical and non-physical experiences during your time here nothing much has unduly thrown you. Now however you might find things a bit too much and that is the reason for this post – to confirm you are not alone and it is part of the process.

The frequency levels have reached a point that success is assured and those that could have prevented it are either embarking on an evolutionary path or going back to source. This has caused a surge in higher frequencies that will create situations for certain earth beings. It will appear much harder to remain here – even simple tasks like walking up or down stairs will require tremendous focus and attention. Sleep will be needed more and possibly longer and when you awaken it seems like you were unconscious and only just arrived back in your body. If awakened during these times say to visit the bathroom one can be disoriented and follow old or previous patterns. Simple things like small talk will be practically impossible to keep up for very long. A lot of the symptoms will feel somewhat like being drunk [I have found (unless you have a drink problem) small / sensible amounts of alcohol appears to lessen these symptoms or at least relax you so they become more bearable 🙂

The most uncomfortable aspects should have settled toward the latter part of October as by then we will have more control and awareness of increased skillsets / abilities. So until then if it gets too much, do simple innocent things to distract you and thereby preventing things overwhelming you i.e. gardening, reading, crosswords, patience etc. anything that doesn’t require a lot of deep concentration 🙂

Hang in there ♥

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