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Compression! Relax, Release, Reinforce Inner Light

During this stage of evolution some might feel certain symptoms / conditions like increased emotional, mental or physical pressure. This could present itself as anxiety, cold / flu symptoms, emotional highs / lows or in fact just things going wrong. This is because to all intents and purposes the ceiling has been lowered (or we […]


Ascension! An Uncomfortable Truth For Empaths

OK this could possibly be the game changer for many empaths on their ascension process. Whether through loyalty or previously agreed contract there is a trait within empaths to put themselves last. Not only is this a disservice to yourselves but also to the ascension process in general. This doesn’t mean that you neglect or […]


Dissolving Realities!

At this time this post is mainly for those of you who came from non-physical existence into this physical reality for this specific period of evolution and change. As you have probably experienced more than a few seemingly bizarre physical and non-physical experiences during your time here nothing much has unduly thrown you. Now however […]


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