Ascension / Energy Update – It Is Getting Real!

overwhelmedMany are finding themselves thrust into the real now moment and it appears as all your emotional, physical and mental aspects are crashing in on each other. We are so used to focusing on past, present and future all at the same time we lose track of the now reality.

The way to assist in coping during these final stages of our evolution, is to consciously and intentionally let go of what was our reality. We, without realising are locking ourselves into a loop. By believing that what was, still is. We are actually re-creating it!

Time spent in nature truly embracing the sheer wonder and beauty of all the positive aspects she bestows is particularly beneficial at this time. Allow yourself to relax in the knowledge that she always makes things right 🙂

It is pointless worrying about what was, what is or what will be. Just fully embrace the bliss of the moment and thereby allow the very best future to be born. For in the stillness of the ‘now’ moment you are at one with the source of creation and thereby act as a pure beacon for the very highest and best for all creation ♥

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