Ascension Update 29th July 2015

WormholeThe time is upon us where we near change! We are in a point in time and space where all realities real or imagined converge as we approach the threshold of a higher vibrationary existence. With so many visions of reality competing for credance there is undoubtably confusion amongst onlookers and disputes amongst those promoting their truths.

In reality the future is set and locked in at ALL levels right back to the origins of creation. There are many beings assisting but none ultimately controlling as this is an evolutionary step of creation.

The reason of this post is not to confuse or throw another loop into the mix, it is a gentle reminder that ones comfort levels can be increased by living in the moment as much as possible. Also if we note how we believe highly evolved beings would think and behave and try to embrace those standards it will greatly assist as we will become those highly evolved beings in the not too distant future.

There is nothing to fear from the future. You have each practiced the process at least 1,000 times (usually in dreamtime) so whatever happens you will be fully at ease.

As the energy levels increase and in order to prevent vertigo it helps to remember you only need to know what you need to know at any given time as you evolve you will have access to all knowledge. Highly evolved beings do not have service to self patterning therefore there is no risk in knowing all as the intention will always be for the good of the whole.

Learning to still ourselves no matter what we are doing increases our ability to make the right choices and ride the positive wave 🙂

I did say I had stopped these posts as we each have to find our own way. I was given the impression that the time is very near and these simple notes can remind us all of things we may have forgotten 🙂

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