The View From My Window – Stepping Off The Tread Wheel!

tread-wheelSince starting this blog I only ever wrote about significant energetic points as far as my senses could register. I have noticed that even though different in chronological order or context the past three years have energetically been a repeat of the previous year. In fact the repetition was enough to prevent me from posting to the blog as I had nothing new to pass on.

I realise that unless I wanted to go round again I really need to break the cycle, hence this posting.

I have mentioned numerous times that literally all you need to know is written or should I say encoded within all the posts prior to this one. If you ignore the chronological order, context or other 3D tie/significance you will subconsciously get answers to assist your journey.

Shortly I will delete all my social media apps from my smartphone and step away from Facebook, Twitter etc. I will keep the accounts live but will not use them once we get to the New Year. I have enjoyed my time on Facebook and felt really close to people I interact with 🙂 I will post this message to the groups that I feel are most relevant, thank you for being part of my life ♥

This blog will eventually be quite literally views from my window of my world, I live in Cornwall a beautiful and rather magical part of the UK and would love to share images and possibly a word or two about the new energies as they emerge. If you would find this interesting please subscribe or follow 🙂


david ♥

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