Ascension Update – Reality Check! Or Should I Say Disclosure!

spaceI, like a lot of people find whilst driving, guidance is often given to me. Today was no different yet today was very different as I was given a much clearer understanding of where we go from here and why all the guidance given up to now even though uplifting has been somewhat out of alignment with feelings of the future.

At present we are still in the third / fourth dimension and therefore everything within our range of scope will be within the third dimension. Hence all guidance all beings all realities will be from that perspective. Once we have raised our vibration to the point where we can appear in the fifth dimension our whole perspective will be from that point of view therefore all realities will be different to everything else described or experienced before, it is all about perspective. I prefer not to talk about time lines as in reality there is no time but from an individual’s perspective some might move to a higher dimension before others. This isn’t because someone is better than another person it is all to do with an individual’s ability to raise their vibration and educate their lower nature or ego to be happy to be part of the whole. In fifth dimension all work for the good of the whole and even though you still keep your personality the desire for possessions, power over others, status would not exist or be needed. If you DO NOT hold the pure vibration of the higher dimension you cannot and will not enter NOTE: Higher Dimensional beings can enter lower dimensions although it can be painful and in some cases dangerous.

Now if we embrace this new perspective of the differential between dimensions we can understand more fully why certain parties would like us to be embroiled in worries or concerns about war, justice, finances, revaluation, UFOs, disclosure, sex, etc. ad infinitum. All the aforementioned have one thing in common they are all grounding in the third dimension and hence lock one out of the Ascension vibration as they take one out of the NOW moment. Hopes dreams and wishes as well as fear, judgement and anger are all based in either the future or the past and take one out of the NOW moment. There is nothing wrong in visiting these emotions as they are all part of the human condition but it is not in our interest to dwell within these areas as they stunt growth.

There is no need to be concerned if one feels it is too difficult to transcend these old emotions as the increase in incoming light, the assistance from the earth and group consciousness we are evolving faster than we realise 🙂 It is and has always been the intention of the higher light forces that no-one will be left behind and ALL will be given the chance to evolve. Another point to remember is this is about EVOLUTION of CREATION and therefore MUCH BIGGER than us or our egos. We will not be allowed to hinder this process and should be extremely grateful that higher realities going right back to Source are diligently and lovingly assisting us to raise our consciousness and transcend this reality with the least discomfort.

This message is related to transition into higher nonphysical existence. If you find it difficult to embrace or comprehend please dismiss it ♥

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