Ascension Update & Training – Letting Go!

Cutting TiesWe are now in a time of convergence which can be somewhat uncomfortable no matter what degree of understanding or personal growth attained. All realities (real or imagined) are meeting in readiness to move forward into a new existence of unity consciousness and positive singular polarity. This not only applies to us and our planet but all existence as the very basis of existence is evolving.

In order to completely align with the future we need release any attachment to past or future realities whether real, imagined or adopted from another’s teachings. One truly needs to be free to live in the moment. This cannot be achieved if one is hanging on to events from our past or expectations of some predicted future. There is literally no one we can trust at this moment only our pure connection to truth deep within our heart beyond our ego and all fears, hopes, dreams or wishes. As we have been made aware, those in positions of trust have proven at least to be weak or self serving and in the main and to all intents and purposes evil.

By individuals withdrawing, clearing and remaining in the heart (god / creator) center they will sever energetic ties to manufactured timelines and truly align with the Original Creator and future reality.  It is not a matter or life and death to achieve the ability to remain perfectly still but it will considerably ease transition during future events.

At this time many truths will be shown to you and many individuals will try to get you to transfer energy to them or their projects (by believing them). If you truly let go you will automatically be aligned with Original Creators plan so there is no need to buy into any fear tactics (black magic) that all will be lost if you do not follow this or that.

Nobody can make anything happen but they can trick you into making them happen. This is why letting go and sending love and forgiveness to all parties (including and especially yourself) is so important as guilt is one of the most powerful energetic ties to pull on in controlling another. We need to forgive ourselves for what we have allowed happen to ourselves and our beautiful planet ♥

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