Ascension Update – The Whole Contains All That Is And So Do YOU!

lightEverything is reaching a point where the breakaway frequency is nearing and those that truly vibrate with the future will get more than a glimpse of its reality.

All that is good and all that is evil make the whole. As much as we might like to externalise and point fingers we need to embrace that each of us originates from the centre of that whole and therefore contain all that is good and all that is evil. The only thing that sets us apart are the choices we make – not only the choices of our actions but the choices of our thoughts and attitudes as they at some level create reality. Up until now (your training period) the only thing you have been allowed to create is personal discomfort and hindrence. In order to move forward and part of coming into your full BEingness you also need to have proven a sense of responsibility that rises above ego, service to self or individuals and embraces that which is for the benefit of the FUTURE OF ALL EXISTENCE (seen and unseen). As many are aware this is much more than the evolution of our planet and it’s inhabitants this is about taking ALL EXISTENCE to the NEXT LEVEL to higher a consciousness than even the most evolved beings experience at present. Of course there has to be a trade off, the letting go of pain, suffering and the darker aspects of existence. Many will argue that ALL has the right to exist although I think you will find the advocates are not the ones suffering.

Evolution is a progressive and organic event that applies not only here in 3D but at all levels of existence. What is happening is not some random series of events it is a natural recognition starting at the begining of creation that a evolutionary step needs to be made to protect it’s existence.

Over the next 48 hours the influx of higher vibrational light (pure unconditional love energy) will bring a sense of balance to those aligned with the future – a blessing from creation for your hard work and diligence ♥

Be the best representation of yourself you can be, not to please some deity or win favour but because it FEELS the right thing to do!

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