Ascension Update – Let Go, Let Go, Let Go – Embrace The Light!

lightDespite what on the surface seems the contrary, our consciousness has reached a place where we are almost at the point where transition into higher realms are possible. To make the next step we need to break free from the old in order to embrace the new. To enable and assist this there will be a wave of light (energy from creator source), considerably larger than anything we have had up to now. There is no need to fear this or recall memories of uncomfortable experiences of previous waves of light as you are now running at a much higher frequency and therefore more than capable of handling this wave. In fact all that you have been through up to this moment has been preparing for this moment.

Evolution is a process where a path is taken and if it is beneficial to success, growth and survival it is adopted and grown upon. If a process is not in accordance with this principle it inevitably whithers and dies. Creator source is not a man, woman or being it is that spark or essence within all existence that carries the message to evolve in as positive and progressive way as possible. Now if we want to expand upon this notion it is possible to see that if life was evolving and surviving but in a basic and destructive way (not just here on earth but throughout many areas of existence) there would come a time where the signal would go back to the origin that an evolutionary step needs to be made for ultimate growth and survival. This is where we are and this is what we are witnessing first hand. This is not like evolution as we witness in plants or animals i.e. the death of a species as we are talking at an energetic level, it is just like changing one’s perspective and all existence changes.

What can I do to prepare? It is not so much doing as letting go of any thought, grievance or attitude that lock you into past negative experiences. You will experience many vivid dream scenarios which will allow you opportunities to clear any karma attached to deep rooted or too uncomfortable situations. All you need do is make the right choices or see where attitudes or behaviour was not aligned with harmonious outcomes.

Embracing positive words, thoughts and attitudes will greatly assist your forward motion, such as unconditional (non physical) love, forgiveness, gentleness, compassion, trusting and believing that which is good and true will always ultimately prevail.

If someone or something draws you into negative or doubtful thoughts just pause for a short while to compose yourself until calm and centered and the negativity disperses.

Is it really that simple? Yes! it always has been but we are quick to advise but not so quick to learn 🙂

Can I believe or trust this information? Of course not, have you not learnt anything from the politicians, bankers, health services, police, law etc. etc. You must use your god given right to go within and use your discernment – not discernment guided by anything you have read or heard or been taught but by your connection to that original spark of light, the essence of all creation that sits in your heart – the ultimate connection to the beginning and the future – you are part of creation and it of you. If it aligns with truth you will know deep within.

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