Ascension Update – DISCERNMENT At This Time!

20140302-181907.jpgNo matter what you see in the media or shared by your “friends” use discernment during this time as all is not what it seems. As certain players are still choosing to maintain the old timelines. Luckily a most unexpected player is holding the light in order to maintain protection of many souls.

Regardless of what your thought processes and outside appearances tell you, understand and believe there will be a remarkable outcome to all that is happening at this time. This whole episode will once and for all expose the allegiances of ALL, seen and unseen to either the benefit of existence (life / creation) or the rather limited and short sighted service to self interest.

Please remember this is MUCH BIGGER than us and our rather limited understanding of a considerably larger perspective. Always align with all that is good, pure and true and you will truly experience wonders beyond all limitation ♥

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