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Heads Up – Information Overload – Peace Be Still!

As things speed up and more and more information surfaces those that are awake and aware can let go of the need to spread the word for a while. Everything is unravelling of its own accord now and you would be of greater service maintaining your own calm and peace and allowing it to spread. […]


Ascension Update – Let Go, Let Go, Let Go – Embrace The Light!

Despite what on the surface seems the contrary, our consciousness has reached a place where we are almost at the point where transition into higher realms are possible. To make the next step we need to break free from the old in order to embrace the new. To enable and assist this there will be […]


Ascension Update – DISCERNMENT At This Time!

No matter what you see in the media or shared by your “friends” use discernment during this time as all is not what it seems. As certain players are still choosing to maintain the old timelines. Luckily a most unexpected player is holding the light in order to maintain protection of many souls. Regardless of […]


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