Ascension Update – The Energy Is Building – Riding The Wave!

WormholeAcross the planet and our galaxy, energy is building in preparation for a breakthrough. As much as we might limit this to changes of power control or finances, we are approaching something considerably more important if not miraculous. Yes, there will be shifts of power and indeed a significant improvement in global financial situations. These in turn will ‘lighten’ or raise one’s outlook and hence positivity. The point at which we are situated in time and space are aligned with a much larger shift, not purely in consciousness but dimensionally – there is nothing to fear from this as on a deeper level we are fully conversant with these realms.

How Can I Prepare? [This will work for many people but not all] Firstly a simple thing would be to remember the forename you were given at birth. Not family nicknames or abbreviations or chosen names but the actual name you were given by you parents. In the majority of cases this will carry an energy signature which when repeated over and over in your mind (as if talking to yourself) will assist to retrace your connection to the ‘whole’. A by-product of this process will be a more connected feeling and for those who only get a sense of self through playing out roles of the ego, contentment. Also for those who seek their twin flame, when happily aligned with our true energy signature it will be much easier to find each other.

For many months now the consciousness of everything on and within our planet has been rising, which has greatly assisted our preparation for the move forward. Believe it or not the people we must thank mostly for the leap forward are the average man or woman who just try to be good members of society. By endeavoring to keep the status quo amidst a world that is corrupt and broken these individuals have assisted in preventing things getting worse than they already are thereby easing and raising those that also carry the burden.

What Next! There will be social, financial and political changes which will bring about a very high, positive vibration. In order to maximise this situation one really needs to show self-control by providing our own limitations (parenting) on our egos which if left unchecked could turn the advantage into another hell. If these factors are balanced correctly the rise in vibration will continue smoothly to the point where we will shift to New Earth (same earth, different frequency) which will be somewhat akin to all the depictions of Heaven.

What if we have had enough of control and just want to party 🙂 The evolution process will still happen but will be less smooth and not very comfortable as our vibrations wouldn’t directly align with our future selves (a bit like changing from 3rd to 5th in a manual automobile with no synchromesh).

When will this happen? Could be any time, although I suspect the positive changes on the planet will be an important factor in raising our vibration at a faster rate. We can see by the fact that the sun is incredibly quiet (easier to change operating systems when not under load) that on a greater galactic level plans are proceeding nicely for a larger evolutionary step. Remember this is a perfectly natural occurrence even if this particular scenario is undocumented.

What Will It Feel Like? You know on the first night away from home one can sometimes awaken from a deep sleep and feel a little disoriented until one realises where one is. Well this will be the opposite 🙂 it will be like awakening from an uncomfortable dream safe and sound in familiar surroundings.

Note: this information came as snippets over several days and my interpretation (decoding) feels somewhat strange as information from an area of no time doesn’t translate readily to an area within time. However on a deeper level you will absorb what resonates and can discard what doesn’t.

On a day to day basis try to be the best representation of yourself you can be. Stay as calm as possible. Make sure you stay hydrated and listen to your body as it inherently knows what it needs.

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