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imageThere is a lot happening even though nothing appears to be happening – apart from the same old outpouring from the media theatre. What is happening is within each of us and our planet; we are going through fast track ascension training and physical body evolution in preparedness for the shift in consciousness to evolved beings.

You don’t need me to keep making posts to confirm what discomfort some of you may be going through at this particular time as I am sure you are pretty much aware of this already. I will add that these are necessary adjustments and they will pass, as hard as it might be try to be positive as it truly eases the transition / growing pains.

Those that are awake / aware are already dividing into various sections to assist with the ascension of the masses. Some teaching awareness, some showing and spreading ‘true’ unconditional love light, some healing people or the planet. The people who are going through the most uncomfortable growth at the moment are quite possibly unaware of their purpose in the scheme of things. You are accomplishing something that the rest will breeze through in the shift – you are completing most of the shift consciously ahead of time. This is to allow humans to be part of the welcoming party, whose job will be to reassure all is OK and if necessary alleviate any fears or anxiousness of individuals whose minds are / were too set to accept the teachings during the shift.

Try to be the best representation of yourself you can be as you are so much more than your vehicle (body and mind) ♥

Note: even though the posts in this blog are posted chronologically they can apply to an individual in any time or order so dip in if you need confirmation or an answer 🙂

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  1. Jen says:

    We might not need you to keep making posts, but I certainly appreciate it when you do.

    Thank you.

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