Incoming! – Smoke And Mirrors

IsonWhether Ison is a game changer or not there is something coming that is there yet not there i.e. non physical or detectable in our frequency spectrum. It has come from several Universes away and it WILL be a game changer, not only to us but all within our Universe.

When one has duality whether here or elsewhere in our Universe, there is a natural reluctance for any party to make the first move towards a truly peaceful and trusting existence because of the fear that another might take advantage. One of the first things this incoming ‘whatever’ will do is disarm all space weapons thereby allowing the seeds of accord to grow 🙂

Secondly a gift to those who are doing their best to maintain a harmonious existence will in essence be a kiss of the purest love light to lift spirits and raise vibrations.

Thirdly those embroiled in deception, service to self and abuse of trust will find these vampiric energy cords closed thus giving energy back to their victims and allow the beginning of their own journey toward recovery.

This event could be any time between now and the first half of September and might only be noticeable by a brief wave of bliss for some and a quietning/subduing for others.

Outward appearances will still play out for a while longer in order for us as a planet to complete unaided once the disadvantages are removed.

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3 Responses to “Incoming! – Smoke And Mirrors”

  1. naomisilverart says:

    I felt some seriously intense energy today (this afternoon US time) that resulted in a headache, brief nausea, etc. I’ve also had far more difficulty over the past few days coming back to reality after being asleep or meditating. Is anyone else experiencing any of this?

    • david says:

      That feels more like you were picking up the changes in the Sun’s output plus the powerful full moon today. Also you connect strongly with the feminine so you might be sensing Gaia settling her skirts (making herself more comfortable).

      • naomisilverart says:

        The only thing that seems to be helping is sitting and relaxing with my eyes closed. That way, the energy seems to be able to more easily move within my body and my mind can re-balance a bit. Not an easy time. Thanks for your support.

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