Ascension Update – Beyond The Illusion!

ascensionThe energies have now reached a level where even the most grounded individual senses that not all in the world is as it should be. Many of those that are awake are beginning to wonder if things are going to turn out okay or not as they sift through stories of one potential cataclysm after the other. At this point some might like to refresh their memories of my last post ‘Ascension – Time To Think Of The BIGGER Picture!‘ before reading on.

Most of the ascension process has been monitored and regulated via our own Sun until earlier this year when we leapt forward in consciousness. Now the evolutionary process has moved fully beyond our Universe where all can be monitored and regulated to ensure smooth and harmonious transition of all life.

What should I be doing to prepare? this really requires two answers to cover the physical and the spiritual aspects. Physically we should ensure we have some basic supplies or skills to provide for ourselves and our family if the power goes off for a few days. Spiritually is a different matter all together and in the long-term is the most important, we should try to ensure we are fair and balanced in all our thoughts and interactions with others by seeing everything from all parties perspective. The ultimate aim is to increase ones understanding (consciousness) to the point where we can become blameless (even if the other person is following the opposite intent). We don’t have to agree with another we just need to allow them their beliefs and attitudes even if they are totally unreasonable 🙂

Why is it so important to be compliant? refusing to be drawn into separation and conflict is not the same as being compliant it has more to do with understanding the flow of energy and preferring to utilise the better aspects of the Law of Attraction to only feed that which is positive.

All that is good and all that is evil makes the whole. When our Universe passes through the transition only that which resonates at the frequency of the new incarnation will exist. Anything not aligned with our new existence will be cleansed and attuned to be in perfect harmony with the new life. The advantage of doing the spiritual work on oneself now is to enable the taking of much more memory forward; like those that remember past lives either here or elsewhere in our Universe.

So whatever appears to be happening in your world none of it in the longterm is of any significance, only the way in which you deal with it matters. Always keep the awareness strong in your heart that all is not as it seems and one-day it will all be perfect and what is more you wont even realise anything has changed as all is as it should be 🙂

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