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Heads Up – Huge Download – Stay Calm And Breathe Through It!

At this moment we are each receiving a huge download which can initially be a bit unsettling, hopefully this heads up can alleviate any concerns and remind you that you already know how to ease the symptoms 🙂 I was just hit with something that literally made me weak at the knees and sense an […]


Incoming! – Smoke And Mirrors

Whether Ison is a game changer or not there is something coming that is there yet not there i.e. non physical or detectable in our frequency spectrum. It has come from several Universes away and it WILL be a game changer, not only to us but all within our Universe. When one has duality whether […]


Sun’s Magnetic Pole Flip – No Fear P$RN Here!

As I keep seeing this image on the internet I thought I should pass on a positive message I received about it 🙂 If you are someone who realises you are not perfect yet tries to do the right thing, someone who monitors their words thoughts and actions in order to ensure fairness. You have […]


Ascension Update – Beyond The Illusion!

The energies have now reached a level where even the most grounded individual senses that not all in the world is as it should be. Many of those that are awake are beginning to wonder if things are going to turn out okay or not as they sift through stories of one potential cataclysm after […]


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