Ascension Update 9th July 2013 – What You Need To Know To Ascend!

EnlightenmentEven the most sceptical individual should now be aware that something within them has changed. They may not know exactly what has changed. On reflection there could be a realisation that things that possibly pushed their buttons in the past are now seen with more understanding and compassionate eyes.

A telltale sign that you are going through fast track ascension training is the awareness of a multitude of vivid dreamtime scenarios. These stop or change when the correct decision is made. Basically you are going through lifetimes of experiences and being trained to evolve towards a higher understanding and perspective.

Literally everything you need to ascend is freely available and adapted to your particular needs. This is contained within your now advanced etheric body which almost contains the full embodiment of you.

When one realises that we have all we need on tap then one can let go of the victim mentality. One can let go of self proclaimed teachers and visionaries and the need to place them on pedestals (which in reality is doing neither of you any favours). Nobody will be left behind as all those who are part of the future will be united in the knowledge and understanding of compassion. Focussing on what is best for the whole rather than survival or service to self.

So don’t feel you are missing out if you step away from the chaos (excitement) and dwell within your inner peace. If you do, in reality you are doing more for the collective than all the egos put together as you are creating and holding the future space ♥

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8 Responses to “Ascension Update 9th July 2013 – What You Need To Know To Ascend!”

  1. naomisilverart says:

    It’s been very rough-going for me for the past few days, particularly with a return of bad physical symptoms. But I’ve slowed way down, focused more internally, and am taking far better care of myself to withstand these energies. Definitely still stuck in victim mentality but I am aware of the issue. Speaking of dreams, I had the coolest flying dream last night! Thanks as always for offering your support and encouragement, David.

    • david says:

      The various discomforts of the adaptation of the physical to much higher frequencies will be with us off and on for a little while longer. You will never be given more than you can handle 🙂 Finding that really still place within and remaining detached from what we consider reality from time to time really accelerates regeneration. A new reality will gradually become tangible alongside the old reality very soon, in fact some are already living it.

      • naomisilverart says:

        I always thought of it as just going inward to recuperate from the energies. I didn’t realize we were regenerating and find this fascinating. Can you explain? Thanks!

        • david says:

          To all intents and purposes it is recuperating but on an energetic level when one reaches that perfect peace point we are whole. Therefore attachments or emotions that were present before tend to fall away. Only if we choose to revert back to old thought patterns or behavior do they reappear.

          • naomisilverart says:

            I think you are referring to what I was recently told-that the headaches, etc. are my way of letting go of what I no longer need. It seems to me there is so much happening at once-letting go of the old, creating a new body that will function better, learning so much. It’s overwhelming but I feel a sense of excitement/impatience that we are getting close to something (although I have no clue what). I very much appreciate your blog, though, as I have felt incredibly alone and isolated lately as this “alternative” state of being becomes more real for me.

          • david says:

            Although at times it feels like it, we are never really alone. When one reaches that truly quiet centred space we are at one with that part of all creation 🙂

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