Energy Update 30th June 2013 – Incoming Beam Of Light From Beyond Our Universe!

lightOver the past two weeks many possibly have been through quite substantial energetic changes on foundational levels. For some this period made the ‘dark night of the soul’ seem like a ‘cake walk’ as the boundaries between time / space / dimensions collapsed and gradually fell back into place. Once the transition was well under way it almost appears as if nothing happened and “maybe it was just a bug” thoughts come to mind 🙂

Today at approximately 14.00 hours British Summer Time I felt something arrive that wasn’t like anything I have felt before. The Solar Winds and CMEs usually have an electric / magnetic / energy type feel about them as do the Photon, Proton and Gamma Rays. This energy hit with a thump and appears to carry new codes, which in itself is nothing new. The difference here is the ray came from beyond our Universe  from somewhere with incredibly pure energies. It might be under directive of Source but definitely did not come from Source. At first it produced what could only be described as an allergic / cleansing reaction, this passed leaving the feeling that one had been through a detox at Universal levels almost like our Universe has just been through a thorough cleansing, format and upgrade to a new operating system.

I have no idea when these changes will be apparent but I do know something has been triggered and it is very good not only for us but also for those adjacent to us on every level.

Only take from this what you feel comfortable with. I only post in this blog what I feel from subtle energy changes as it might help those walking a similar path ♥

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3 Responses to “Energy Update 30th June 2013 – Incoming Beam Of Light From Beyond Our Universe!”

  1. naomisilverart says:

    Thanks, David! I’ve been having sneezing attacks today and knew they were energetic, but it was nice to have this validated by your reference to an “allergic/cleansing” reaction. It will be so lovely when the energies finally calm down. 🙂

    • david says:

      I agree Naomi 🙂 for me last week was by far the most uncomfortable.

      It is difficult to guesstimate a time when it will be comfortable for all. As we are all at differing stages of development and from different worlds, one person believing and embracing another’s viewpoint or practices causes unnecessary deviation from their path and hence delay. For some at some level they have fully ascended but still carry on as if nothing has happened 🙂

  2. naomisilverart says:

    David-I’ve also had a difficult past week, although far from the worst I’ve experienced in the past 4+ years. Lots of body vibrations, brief nausea and dizziness, headaches. All a bit unnerving and discouraging as I haven’t had to deal with much in the way of symptoms in quite a while. I do know we are moving forward, though. 🙂

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