Ascension Update 11th June 2013 – The Mass Landings Have Happened!

Mass Landings

Mass Landings

Yesterday evening I felt a massive influx of magnetic energy somewhat like we get when a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) hits us. Only this felt different, it didn’t feel like it came from the sun it felt like it came straight from Source (Original Creator). It had a military feel to it, strong trustworthy almost like a liberation army but literally billions of soldiers.

I couldn’t quite get my head around it as they were shown to me as elite storm troopers from the source when in fact they were non physical pure energy. I was told they were sent from source for this one project to assist in balancing the energies within aspects of the population and soul retrieval of those who have refused all offers and pathways to clear their karma in preparation for ascension. These energies are not associated with any star or galactic nation and are not tied to any soul codes they are here purely to assist the ascension process under direct control of creator source.

The ascension of Earth and all upon her is not only important to us but to all future life as there will be a knock on effect that will spread through all creation bringing about a positive change to all life.

So all the talk of mass landings was in fact correct only Creator had a slightly different idea than the rest of us 🙂

How will this effect us ordinary folk just trying to get by in life. I feel the revelations will continue until eventually we have honest decent ethical people in positions of authority. I think even closed minded individuals will all of a sudden find they are getting inner guidance (especially when they might be about to do something that would hinder their ascension path). I feel many who have chosen a path of service to self might get a change of heart and some others might not appear in public any longer.

I have been told this is reasonably accurate within the limitations of my understanding and interpretation 🙂

Be the best representation of yourself you can be and see good in all things ♥

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