Energy Update 31st May 2013 – Change Can You Feel It – New Codes For Transformation

Butterfly - Transformation

Butterfly Tells Of Transformation

Well energetically the past few weeks have been about as uncomfortable as they could get for some people. Forget what you read in the newspaper, forget what you see on the television news as none of these will yet have clearance (or even know) to tell you the times they are a changing.

Last night I realised something had snapped. Or should I say something that has been holding everything back released it’s grip.

For the past two days I have had a problem stabilising my energy levels and it was only through talking with a friend could I step away and see why I was suddenly getting enormous energy highs, I wasn’t needing (and still don’t) the vast amount of energy I was using previously. This can only mean one thing; the negative grip of our planet has diminished or been removed (I believe removed).

This morning I saw posted on Facebook a link to GaiaPortal blog post titled: Substantial Shifting of Gaia Energy Structures Occurs at this Moment… which pretty much could tie in with what I was feeling and therefore good confirmation.


Flower of Life

The Flower Of Life

Today here in Cornwall the weather is unusually warm and sunny and the clouds are wispy and fast moving – they don’t feel like sylphs or craft but they have an other world feel about them. I looked toward the sun with my eyes closed and saw an image very similar to the Flower of Life but it appeared to have twice the number of elements.

I asked about it and was told new codes are pouring in.

So what does all this mean to everyday life? Well if you think of our progress as a very long snake, the head has just broke free of the old paradigm and now we have to wait for the rest of it to pass through before we start to see and hear of tangible positive changes.

There is no going back. In fact there has been no going back since the mid ’90s. It has been somewhat scary as everything we have been doing was totally uncharted, even those beings helping from the far reaches of our universe knew the battle for us to break free of the negative grip on our planet was fraught with obstructions.

Just keep working on yourself and be the very best representation of yourself you can be, smile and breathe a sigh of relief 🙂

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2 Responses to “Energy Update 31st May 2013 – Change Can You Feel It – New Codes For Transformation”

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks David, I guess I’m one of those people who have had an uncomfortable few weeks, but today I certainly felt like breathing a sigh of relief, wasn’t sure why, but thank you for the explanation.

    • david says:

      Things will still continue to appear on the surface as if there is no change as it will take time for it to filter through. Energetically, sensitives will feel things are lighter as if the pressure has lifted 🙂 enjoy!

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