Energy Update 23rd May 2013 – Increase Personal Vigilance For 48 Hours!

I-Ching - 63 - Chi Chi

I-Ching – Trigram 63 – Chi Chi
After Completion

The astrological and galactic energy at present should be one of positiveness, relief and forward thinking. It would almost feel like holidays and parties are just around the corner yet there flips in a little doubt or fear or irritableness about something or nothing.

There is an energetic undercurrent that will jump in and take over (and thereby magnify) any negative feelings you have. So this is a time to very closely monitor yourself, your thoughts, your actions and most importantly you reactions because out of the blue things can easily blow out of proportion.

The image I enclose with this post is from The I – Ching or Book Of Changes because a passage from the translation by Brian Browne Walker describes perfectly our situation and how we should handle it:

Quote (page 129): “It is important not to become indifferent to spiritual details at this time: if a thought or action even borders on incorrectness, discard it and return to the path of the Sage immediately. One minute we dip our toe in incorrectness, the next minute we are swimming in it, and the next we drown. Therefore it is wiser to simply keep our toes dry in the first place. You are also counseled to remain alert to inferior influences in others. You can only prevent misfortunes by anticipating them in advance, and this is achieved through watchfulness.” End Quote.

Remember this may not even be part of you or another that creates this discord or negativeness so don’t attach any blame as that is the purpose – give the person the impetus to do the deed themselves. The most important thing is to stand back and monitor, monitor, monitor and recognise the lower vibrational energy is just waiting to put fuel on any fire you are drawn into.

You are so near achieving your goals to break free and earn the right to BE. These are the ultimate tests we are under now and EVERYBODY is more than a match. Just stay calm, armed with the knowledge to SEE what games are being played out.


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5 Responses to “Energy Update 23rd May 2013 – Increase Personal Vigilance For 48 Hours!”

  1. naomisilverart says:

    David-I thought of you yesterday, wondering why you hadn’t posted about this yet.:) I’ve been going through what you describe for about the past week. And it truly has been hell. The ups and down, feeling totally normal around other people and then falling into real despair when alone has been almost unbearable. Lots of sleep seems to help a bit. I’d advise everyone to avoid making major decisions and do what they can to avoid unnecessary stress if possible. I also just read a recommendation about drinking more water to soothe the nervous system. I cannot wait to make it to the other side of this thing! Thanks, as always, for posting.

    • david says:

      Yes, Naomi I too have had it for a few days but only post when I feel my posts will not interfere with positive work being carried out by others in the background. The energies have now changed and there is a bit of monkey business going on which we as individuals can put a stop to by pulling on our inner light and riding the wave. The past 3 days it has been like drowning in mucous due to the extreme planetary emotions rising to the surface. So the water suggestion is very positive and beneficial and aided greatly by the addition of a slice of lemon in hot water to the daily intake 🙂

      Sleep is very important to many as they are working in the background during dream-time. Very special and exciting times and so very near breakthrough 🙂

      • naomisilverart says:

        What do you mean by monkey business? Some of this energy feels like a personal detox, yet some of it feels like a more general, nasty energy floating around.

        Sleep feels wonderful-I feel surrounded by very supportive people, which makes me feel very happy and peaceful.

        Any idea as to when this breakthrough may happen? It can’t be soon enough! LOL

        • david says:

          Actually you hit the nail on the head when you said: “some of it feels like a more general, nasty energy floating around” There is something equivalent to a mental soup (lower astral plane) where all our thoughts accumulate, where we create good and bad images and memories. The darker stuff has been brought to the surface for hopefully the final clearing 🙂

          We are all extremely well supported and loved by an unseen greater family which we will be able to know more tangibly in the not too distant future.

          I honestly think when this last battle is over there will be more visible signs that things are improving.

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