Quick Note To Light Workers

note!Just a very quick heads up to all light workers who visualise the light above their crown chakra and bring it down through themselves and anchor it to the centre of Gaia. Please at this time cease this practice and just visualise the light in your heart centre expanding and radiating out. This will allow Gaia to arrange her energies more easily 🙂

If you worry about getting spacey just think of your feet 🙂

You can return to your normal practices after 48 hours (if you choose to).

3 Responses to “Quick Note To Light Workers”

  1. naomisilverart says:

    Thanks, David. I noticed a really tender area on the top of my head last night. I’ve had an amazing amount of ideas and information pouring into my head for the past day or two and am finding it wonderful yet stressful. I just tried your suggestion and it gave me some momentary peace. So what exactly is going on with our minds?

    Also finding it a bit difficult to breathe, which I am guessing is related to all of this.

    • david says:

      What you are describing are not necessarily to do with the message today (although the shortness of breath could be as emotions on a planetary level are high). As a general course of practice it is wise nowadays to allow a little time for thoughts to settle and fall away if necessary. More time spent in the heart centre is more profitable for our well being.

      The message today is more to do with planetary and universal positioning and balance; to allow Gaia to feel less restricted and able to breathe more easily (could be why you felt difficulty breathing).

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