For Next 72 Hours Try To Stay In Your Heart Centre – Peace Be Still

At this time there is a lot happening on many levels galactic, planetary, energetic and emotional to which to a greater degree we are passengers. Although there is one very effective and powerful way in which we can contribute; by staying calm and in our heart centre.

Despite the constant and seemingly increasing surge of negativity upon the planet there is a very powerful and increasing wave of purifying light flushing the dross to the surface to be cleansed. The thing for us to do is try to avoid getting caught up in the tide. Which is why doing things in nature, stepping away from the news, spending time in meditation or whatever else gives you the space to let go and find that part of you which is at peace and at one with the original spark of creation, the essence of all life.

Remember: breathe in peace, love and calm – pause – breathe out fear, anger and tension – pause (repeat until calm).

Some might notice the high levels of love coming in from our off planet family is tangible at present 🙂

Copyright © I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. Spread the peace to those who might benefit from it ♥


5 Responses to “For Next 72 Hours Try To Stay In Your Heart Centre – Peace Be Still”

  1. naomisilverart says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Jen says:

    Thank you David, I’m certainly feeling an increase in something and I don’t think its got anything to do with the sudden stormy conditions we just got here on the west coast of Australia.

    • david says:

      Using the above and techniques discussed previously try to stay as calm and centred as possible and all you will feel is the great influx of love and peace (despite what appears to be going on in the outside world).

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