Ascension Training – Time Travel – How To Avoid Being Drawn Back In Time

timeAlthough many will get excited by the title of this posting, the topic is actually about learning how not to time travel rather than how to.

As our vibration increases so do the abilities we have. Time shifting is something that many of you already do and are not aware of it. This explanation can help avoid or at least understand the process.

Two of the main triggers are music and reminiscing, either listening to a song or piece of music or talking / thinking of a time / event that registered strongly with you in the past.

Awareness! awareness literally means being aware. It is not some magical super power only available to a chosen few, it is there for everybody. To be aware is to notice subtle signs and indications, things that are not necessarily in plain view. Also noticing what is not being said and thereby picking up hidden agendas. As things are progressing rapidly in a world where the buzzword transparency became synonymous with lies and deception it would be prudent to fully embrace your awareness.

How do I know if I time shifted Say in the past you were driving along, relaxed with music playing in the background. Your thoughts were drifting in and out, not necessarily thinking of anything when you get a beautiful serene feeling wash over you (like when connecting to higher guidance). This coincided with a particular part of the music or song that resonates highly with you on a spiritual or deep level.

Step forward in time to now and a more evolved version of you. You are relaxed, listening to the radio and that same music or song comes on. As it gets to the part that resonates with you you suddenly find a memory of driving when the song came on and a strong connection to that period of time fills you completely – all the emotions, feelings, events wash over you.

Normally the connection wouldn’t register, now, using our awareness we see and feel the connection and the reality of what actually happened. You are the higher being that momentarily visited your past self and gave that serene connected to spirit feel. The down side to this is the ‘now’ you absorbs some of the lower vibration reality of the connection which can destabilise one’s equilibrium for a short while until we rise above it.

The training exercise – Now armed with this knowledge one can practise listening to music or songs from various notable periods in our past. Though this time try not to be drawn back, remain in the here and now and remember or view the past without an emotional connection. It is almost like watching something playing out on television or through a net curtained window. With practice over time it becomes natural and old emotions whether good or bad can stay in the past thereby making living in the moment easier.

Remember you are not the person you were and have cleared much karmic debris since then. So obviously what is in the past should remain in the past, we have more than enough to deal with without going back for stuff we have got rid of 🙂 Don’t worry, if there is any karma that still needs to be sorted it will keep reappearing in different forms until you deal with it.

Through the art of stillness our perception is greatly increased!

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