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Energy Update 31st May 2013 – Change Can You Feel It – New Codes For Transformation

Well energetically the past few weeks have been about as uncomfortable as they could get for some people. Forget what you read in the newspaper, forget what you see on the television news as none of these will yet have clearance (or even know) to tell you the times they are a changing. Last night […]


Energy Update 23rd May 2013 – Increase Personal Vigilance For 48 Hours!

The astrological and galactic energy at present should be one of positiveness, relief and forward thinking. It would almost feel like holidays and parties are just around the corner yet there flips in a little doubt or fear or irritableness about something or nothing. There is an energetic undercurrent that will jump in and take […]


Quick Note To Light Workers

Just a very quick heads up to all light workers who visualise the light above their crown chakra and bring it down through themselves and anchor it to the centre of Gaia. Please at this time cease this practice and just visualise the light in your heart centre expanding and radiating out. This will allow […]


For Next 72 Hours Try To Stay In Your Heart Centre – Peace Be Still

At this time there is a lot happening on many levels galactic, planetary, energetic and emotional to which to a greater degree we are passengers. Although there is one very effective and powerful way in which we can contribute; by staying calm and in our heart centre. Despite the constant and seemingly increasing surge of […]


Ascension Training – Time Travel – How To Avoid Being Drawn Back In Time

Although many will get excited by the title of this posting, the topic is actually about learning how not to time travel rather than how to. As our vibration increases so do the abilities we have. Time shifting is something that many of you already do and are not aware of it. This explanation can […]


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