5D Thinking vs 3D Thinking

cloudMany are desperate to learn all they need to know in order to be able to become a valid and useful member of fifth dimensional (5d) society. In some ways the knowledge has already been given to us, we just need to learn how to adjust to it’s full potential.

Compare our minds to our computers In traditional computing as in 3d, one downloaded all the information we needed and saved it for future reference. This obviously has limitations; the size of the hard drive, the speed at which the computer can process all the information in order to retrieve data in the future.

In Cloud computing as in 5d living there is required an element of trust ‘will I be able to access the information when I need it’. In order to utilise the Clouds full potential we store the information where all that need to access it, can. This ensures the correct up to date data is available to all that have access to it. Putting this in terms of 5d living; if one puts aside the need to possess or own everything (even knowledge) and thereby diminishing the power of the ego and it’s desire for separation we open new potentials.

We realise when our minds like our hard drives are not crammed with things we do not need at that moment the speed at which we can access information is greatly increased. We just have to dip into ‘the consciousness’ (Cloud) and all we need is instantly available 🙂

The actual comparison is not strictly true but subconsciously you will extract (remember) the reality of unity consciousness and the connection to the whole 🙂

Copyright © I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. All I ask is you use it to assist mankind rather than profit from it ♥

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