Listen To Your Body Over The Next Few Days!

listenIf you are careful about what you eat and therefore have removed certain food types or minerals from your diet (this applies possibly more to those on a spiritual growth path) please take time to listen carefully to your body (your vehicle) over the next few days. Many of us on spiritual journeys sometimes miss subtle clues that the vehicle gives us that could prevent future discomfort or higher communication breakdown.

So take time to listen especially over the next few days πŸ™‚

I am not going to make any recommendations as this is very much a personal thing, but at this time the pressures and energy drain placed upon your body are extremely high.

Your body will thank you πŸ™‚

Copyright Β© I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. Spread the hope and peace to those who might benefit from it β™₯


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  1. naomisilverart says:

    Thanks for you recommendation on food a few days ago. I’ve been told that “You are being massively re-arranged, both body and soul. HUGE change here. Just bear with it. Take it very easy. Rest, hydration, and simple foods are extremely important.” David, what is your read on what’s happening?

    • david says:

      As far as our bodies and sleep patterns are concerned: our bodies are adapting to work in higher frequency dimensions, so becoming less dense and more capable of carrying very high frequencies. The increased need for sleep is to get the bodies, mind and ego out of the equation so our souls and higher self can speed up our evolution both personal and planetary.

      As far as outside events are concerned: Within the areas of control there are positive elements suppressed through fear or threat to themselves and more importantly others. The negative factions are using the recent events and threats of more to keep these positive people under control. The immense support and awareness of the general public is creating a shield that will give these positive elements within all controlling groups courage to say “ENOUGH” and step forward. There are two more negative events planned and one in the pipeline, we can only hope and pray that these positive elements are ready to step forward before any more blood is shed. Once the negative elements are contained things will improve globally at breakneck speed.

      Remember this is just what I sense from the background energies and not based on any formal information so discernment is required πŸ™‚

  2. naomisilverart says:

    I was told that there would be several events (all connected in some way), but our information is more specific. Any idea how soon all of this nastiness will be out of the way?

    Any feeling on your part that we are physically healing/rejuvenating, and that’s why our bodies are feeling stressed?

    I get information that is different from yours, so I am grateful that you can provide information (and understanding) that I am not accessing, as well as verifying what I am getting.

    • david says:

      I feel it will be weeks rather than months πŸ™‚

      As some people are developing their 5d body whilst here in 3d /4d there are many stages of development. It usually starts with spine then leg or legs – these allow more light to be carried. Then head and shoulders / neck as adjustments are made to open communication channels (in readiness for telepathic or knowing communication), which is the preferred method of communication as ours leaves too much leeway for misunderstanding and takes too long – it takes less than a nanosecond to explain a day out at the park by allowing the other person access to the full experience of the day as an emotion / feeling.
      The reason why it is taking so long is because we are being hampered by the extreme density of the negativity which has been pushed to the surface. When the main source of the negativity has been removed things will become easier. A lot of the stress is because we are owning things outside our control, we only need concern ourselves with our own karma and leave others to face their own.

  3. Suzawanda says:

    I am very sensitive to chemicals and recently had a few bad exposures but every time I do Telepathy with my twin flame, my feet swell up-the nerves start tingling. I do have nerve damage right foot but it feels like toxins are settling in my feet. What minerals are to be avoided because I use Pure Encapsulations Buffered ascorbate pure C powder w/mineral ascorbates and also Himalayan Crystal Salt—could either of these be affecting me as I eat and juice organic vegan….Suzie Vermont

    • david says:

      Hi Suzie, I would recommend seeing a Natropath if you are at all concerned. I have no knowledge on health or dietary issues, I can however point out a few things to meditate upon….
      Firstly does the swelling and tingling subside after ten to fifteen minutes after connecting – if so it could just be an increase of energy created in the connection.
      Have you tried planting your bare feet firmly on the ground whilst connecting in order to allow excess energy to go back to Gaia.
      Salt in any form can cause water retention.
      Also something as simple as bathing ones feet after connecting with another can be very beneficial. As you know any interaction with another brings about an exchange of energy to some extent depending on the level of connection.

      I can not comment on the intake of vitamins and minerals other than try not to exceed recommended doses and possibly learn how to dowse to assist in making the right choices. I just hover my hand over my various supplements to see which ones my body would like on any day πŸ™‚

      • Suzawanda says:

        Hi David–
        The tingling/swelling did go down. My right foot has neuropathy and always is numb/tingly but I do know when I get an allergic toxic chemical my feet swell so I will stop the Megadose C (I was detoxing) and Himalayan salt. I am connecting on a wood floor in a bedroom. Both feet are on the ground but again when I was in the hospital and having anxiety-panic my feet would do that so I think it must be the energy. It has been very erotic telepathy as of late so I think that is using more energy.I will wash the feet in shower after. I have never dowsed. I have no money so no naturopath and they do kinesiology and mix me all up. I did OD on the C to clear a toxic reaction to pyrophosphate sprayed on shrimp so it just might be the toxin leaving or settling in feet due to gravity. It has rained for over a month or I would swim it out.

        • david says:

          It sounds like you have all under control πŸ™‚ It might help ease symptoms by doing centering breathing exercises when you get the swelling and tingling and see if your recovery rate improves.

          • Suzawanda says:

            Okay I will do that. This is a new telepathic connection or a deeper one so I think it took me by surprise. I am 56 and he is 35…OMG.

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