Thank You To All The Unsung Heros!

thankyouThis is a big thank you to all the unsung heros out there ♥

If you are one of those people who just try to do the right thing and quietly go about your daily life as an upright member of society, but tend to sleep deep undisturbed sleep and wake up a little low on energy and somewhat dehydrated. you could very well be one 🙂 note: this doesn’t apply if you went to bed after over indulging in drugs or alcohol.

These people have no need to give themselves special names, they tend to not talk to much about themselves and how they feel even when constantly bombarded by others tales of woe. They came knowing (even if only subconsciously) they would never be known or thanked for what they did for humanity and other worlds.

In dreamtime you are part of a truly huge group of similar people who are energetically working behind the scenes to clear the planet, it’s etheric and auric fields from lower / base energies, fighting enemies both domestic and foreign.

Even in your normal day to day life you still work by trying to monitor your thoughts and actions and thereby correcting any negative thoughts as they come into your mind.

So thank you, all of you unsung heros, you are truly appreciated and ALL is seen and known the other side of they veil 🙂

Copyright © I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. Spread the hope and peace to those who might benefit from it ♥


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