Ascension / Energy Update 17th April 2013 – Hang Onto Your Hats Things Are Gonna Speed Up!

fastJust a quick heads up to remind you to remain solidly focussed on who you are and why you are here (even if at this moment you do not know). Otherwise the next few weeks could very possibly feel somewhat like this chappy hurtling down the Cresta Run if one tries to get to grips with all the events unfolding.

Just know that when you arrive at your destination, like this chap you will feel exhilarated and somewhat relieved πŸ™‚

Try to spend at least ten minutes twice a day keeping your mind still by letting go and BEing.

If it all gets a bit too much at any time just still the mind by gently focussing on your breathing until things slow down.

Despite what we are seeing and hearing ALL is progressing toward the light and clarity.

Copyright Β© I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. Spread the hope and peace to those who might benefit from it β™₯


36 Responses to “Ascension / Energy Update 17th April 2013 – Hang Onto Your Hats Things Are Gonna Speed Up!”

  1. naomisilverart says:

    Already having issues about not getting sucked into what’s happening and trying to stay centered and focused. I’m also dealing with some killer physical pain from the intense energies hitting us. Not fun! Argh!

    • david says:

      Yes Naomi the etheric ceiling is somewhat lower so the negativity is very tangible (like walking through syrup) thus making it harder for those that are clearing the path. Always remember you are more that a match for anything that comes πŸ™‚ Keep hydrated, eat whatever your body asks for and remember to breathe through events.

  2. naomisilverart says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, David. The “syrup” you mentioned might explain why I feel so disoriented (not sure how to function with this new energy) and disconnected from my normally clear guidance I receive. Definitely going very easy on food due to a major headache and some nausea.

    • david says:

      If you have any old woodland areas nearby go and sit with your hands placed open palmed on nice cool rich green moss you should feel much better πŸ™‚

      • naomisilverart says:

        Nothing nearby, but I can at least go sit in some grass once the rain clears out. I am definitely having issues with too much internal heat and an inability to ground.

        • david says:

          That will be fine, especially as it has been raining. The more verdant the better πŸ™‚ It seems mainly in your upper torso that is why I say use hands as opposed to walking barefoot on the grass (which is good also).

          • naomisilverart says:

            Great suggestion. That never would have occurred to me. Curious as to whether or not others are having similar symptoms right now?

        • Jen says:

          You wondered if other people were having the same symptoms. Yes, I’m also having issues with too much internal heat and an inability to ground. I’ve actually got a lot of other symptoms too including body vibrations, nausea, anxiety and incredible fatigue. I’m also going to try putting my hands in the grass rather than my feet.

          • naomisilverart says:

            Jen-Yup, that pretty much describes how I feel, anxiety included. I’ve been going through the process at a rapid/intense pace for about 4 years. How about you? Naomi

          • Jen says:

            Hi naomisilverart, this started for me in November 2011. I got what I thought at the time was a body flu, in pain all over and spent 2 days on the couch. That went away as suddenly as it arrived, then about a week later, I found myself having intense hot/cold fluctuations with sweating and shaking and feelings of terror, that also came on suddenly. I thought I had got serotonin poisoning from taking St Johns Wort and eating too much turkey. I haven’t been the same since. I’ve had other periods in my life of major shifts in perception or various kinds of awakening, but nothing like what is going on now, this is like a complete mind and body process.

            I don’t know how I’ve managed to endure these last 18 months and wish it would end, but I know there is no going back to what was before, that person just doesn’t exist any more, its scary to realize that there is no going back, but I can’t see what is ahead. How have you managed to deal with this for 4 years? Has it got any easier? How do you explain it to other people in your life?

          • naomisilverart says:

            Jen-In answer to your questions…

            MY STORY
            In the Spring of 2009,I went to a chiropractor who adjusted my spine, thereby instigating the process at full throttle. The chiropractor is Mormon, by the way, quite an interesting spiritual mentor for a secular Jewish woman! But at least he understands the process and has been able to keep me both sane (barely at times!) and physically as balanced and healthy as possible. For over 3 years, I thought I was just about the only person on the planet moving through this process, but then I moved from him as my spiritual mentor (too many issues with his Mormon perspective) this past September. I started investigating my symptoms on the internet, and that’s when I found various blogs and was relieved to find out I was far from alone in this process. I still go to the chiropractor about once/month for maintenance but now have another mentor who has been going through through the process in a more gentle and slow manner for almost 30 years. She doesn’t relate to my intense symptoms, but she understands the steps in the process. For me, it’s been vital to have a real, living mentor that I can talk to face-to-face, but in the end we can really only go through the process by looking inward.

            HOW I COPE
            As you see, I’ve had real-live human help all along. And I ask for spiritual help. A lot. I am lucky in that most of the time (has been more difficult this month), I get the information I need just by asking. But I still absolutely hate this process at times and can’t wait for things to level out. I’ve run into other people on other blogs who’ve been going though it at an intense level for up to 20 years. Some people have lost jobs, partners, friends, etc. because the process can be so isolating and debilitating. And those who are not going through it cannot possibly understand. And that makes it difficult for them and for us.

            WHAT I TELL OTHERS
            I tell my husband as much as I can without freaking him out. He also has some symptoms but doesn’t really buy into what’s happening. But he is supportive and tolerant. I’ve told a little to a few close friends and my mother, none of whom have a clue what I am talking about. It’s very isolating, and this is why I am grateful for blogs like David’s, as well as the mentors I have had. Like many, I was quite social before the process hit full-force, but I have had to isolate myself, although recently I am doing better being around other people. It’s just difficult walking in 2 worlds, as someone posted recently.

            You are right that the energy is far more intense this year. I’d say it used to come in ebbs and flows and now it is persistent with big “hits” at times. No breaks now.

            I know what you mean about wanting to just “go back.” But it’s not possible because we’ve changed too much. It’s frightening not really understanding what this is or where it is going, and in my experience there is no stopping it. I think maybe this is why so many of us are suffering from anxiety. When it gets really bad, I eat comfort foods, watch old tv shows (Bewitched-how fitting is that!), do anything I can think of to feel safe and distract myself for a little.

            Hope this helps. Naomi

          • Jen says:

            Hi Naomi,
            thank you for taking the time to write your story.You are lucky to have some real life mentors and an understanding husband. There is no-one in my life who has any experience of this and so only know what I tell them, but most people where I live have the perspective that this is an illness and want me to go and get medical help. I tried that, but medical doctors are trained to see medical problems. I had very bad reactions to the medication I was given for anxiety. I find it hard to go out, so when I do get the energy, I use it to do things like grocery shopping and important chores, I don’t have the confidence mow to go out networking, looking for support, so I’m grateful for the internet. Can you recommend any other web sites or blogs?

          • naomisilverart says:

            I have read comments by others that have similar stories to yours. I don’t think it’s due to where you live that you aren’t able to find people who can understand. I have no idea how many of us there are around the world, but I am guessing those of us who are consciously aware of the process are still few and far between at this point. If, as people say, many more are “waking up”, then I imagine it will get easier to find more of “us.”

            There are two other blogs that I read on a regular basis. Aisha’s blog is out of Norway & her channelings focus primarily on how the process is effecting us both emotionally and physically. It’s basically a supportive blog with a supportive “pond” of people commenting:

            The other blog I read is Golden Age of Gaia, which has channelings and various writings about the process. It’s more focused on how ascension is impacting world events, disclosure of et’s, etc.

            My advice in reading anything online or talking to anyone about your process is to remember that while other people and the internet are great for support, you are the only one who can move yourself forward through the process and decide what is right and true for you. Only some of what I read or hear from people makes sense to me.

            Feel free to e-mail me at info at naomisilverart dot com if you ever want some support.

          • Jen says:

            Thanks Naomi, for your comments, details and other web sites, I will check them out.

          • naomisilverart says:

            You’re welcome, Jen.

  3. Robin says:

    Thanks, David. I’d like to add that manifestation is rapid right now, so we need to be mindful of our thoughts and words. πŸ™‚

  4. D says:

    Thanks David! Yep, feeling it too! I likened it to feeling like I was stuck in a time warp!! Took time to go out in nature and it made a big difference!! LOVE MOSS!! Thought I was the only one!! I have a mediation I do visualizing walking on moss when I can’t get outside!! Robin is right too!! I have experienced this rapid manifestation too!! Despite all the growing pains, I am excited to see what the next wave brings!

    • david says:

      You are lucky D as you’re inherrent guidance is truly looking after you and that knowledge lessens the need to fear any of the outside events πŸ™‚

      • D says:

        Ok….after reading all the other posts and going through a box of tissues. I love this site! I had only come to the realization that all my own medical problems were do to this “awakening”. As far as support, only recently have I come to grasp how that “inherent guidance” was really there all along, I just wasn’t in the “space” to hear. I had to start hammering away! Finding this site has been “inherent guidance”, and I am really grateful!! Thanks David for creating such a beautiful space!!!

  5. david says:

    I have read the comments and even though will not speak of my personal experiences other than to say you are not alone. I will however give some tips that may or may not be useful.

    Firstly I must point out – If your life journey (the whole point of your life) was to cross a lake. At some point heavy mists came down and you couldn’t see that you were only 6 feet away from the completion of your task. Would you thank me if I came along in a speed boat and took you to the shore and thus negating the whole point of your journey. So the morale of this tale is you have (and always have had) the answers encoded in your very being πŸ™‚ Learn to quieten the mind and still the heart so you can listen to it’s guidance in the knowing.

    Once you have had confirmation from your doctor that you have no serious or life threatening illnesses you can use that knowledge to quietly reassure yourself that ‘you are safe’ πŸ™‚

    There is a great probability that you are only suffering because of the ascension process. In the 3d world our bodies only have pain or mobility issues to let us know something is wrong and we need to rest to heal. This doesn’t apply in 5d as illness and pain only exist if you choose to manifest them πŸ™‚

    With ascension tremendous changes are happening to every aspect of our being on many levels so we must be very careful not to confuse this with actual illness. If our mind embraces the symptoms and ‘owns’ them, we manifest an even larger scenario and they can take over our lives.

    So to wrap up: during the waves of ascension growth one could be subjected to great pains and ensuing fear or panic. We just need to breathe through it to lessen the effects, knowing it is just energy and all is ok and we are safe and all is as it should be. After a few times of this practice the pain is still there but we can push it to one side πŸ™‚

    • Jen says:

      Thank you David for taking the time to explain this and offer some tips, I’m realizing that to a great extent, my life has been taken over by this process, but I still can’t fully accept that I have a choice, it has been extremely intense, pushed me to my limits and forced me to let go of aspects of ‘my life’, (or who I thought I was) because there was just no energy left to hang on.

      I like your analogy about the lake and speed boat πŸ™‚

      • david says:

        The main thing is not to be too harsh with yourself. I go to bed at strange times, lose hours and days but am completely fine with it. I know what is happening is real and just roll with it πŸ™‚

        Hope this helps πŸ™‚

        • Jen says:

          Yes, this helps, and thank you SO MUCH for maintaining this blog. I don’t know how anyone survived these kinds of transformation experiences before there was online information and support available.

    • D says:

      Thank you for looking out for us!! Your kindness is much appreciated!! Be at ease, my friend, I have been to doctors. It has been a battle for me for many years. Only recently have I come to a space where I can let it go. I have seen the fruits in this. Thanks for reminding us to use discernment and be vigil!! Insight is a treasure, knowledge a key! Meditation has been a big factor for myself. I try and keep a meditative state at all times. It has brought great insights!! One can not progress, If one does not make the journey!

  6. naomisilverart says:

    David, do you feel the pain will level off in about a month, which is when you said you thought the negativity would level off and the positive changes would ramp up?

    Thanks again for your perspective.

    • david says:

      Things have started to be revealed. The more that comes to light the more the negativity drops away. As the negativity decreases it will be very noticeable as we will feel the pressure lift – if you notice at present it almost feels like there is a huge weight bearing down on us. Also the past couple of days it has been quite hard work to breathe and one has felt a bit disconnected from the reality. I have had tremendous pain in head and shoulders / back the past three days as the pressure has been building. I think a series of events over the next three or four days should start the move toward better times πŸ™‚

  7. naomisilverart says:

    I’m not currently having the breathing issues or head neck pain(have suffered from all of that at times in the past), but I do feel an subtle, constant sense of anxiety or stress. I’m guessing this is what you refer to as a huge weight bearing down on us. Hope you’re right about things loosening up in a few days, as long as I can stay focused during these upcoming events you refer to.

    • david says:

      In order to ease the anxiety / stress try to limit what you watch and read as we are being bombarded with so much negativity. In fact most of the awake people unwittingly are being tricked into manifesting undesired scenarios.

  8. naomisilverart says:

    Absolutely. I never watch the news on tv and generally only read the headlines on a few select internet sites. I rarely actually read the articles.

    How are we being tricked into manifesting undesired scenarios?

    • david says:

      Whatever we put our energy into (if we believe) we empower and if enough people believe it manifests. That is how black magic works, nobody can actually do something bad to another person but they can make them believe (usually by planting a thought or fear in their mind) and the person makes it happen.

  9. naomisilverart says:

    I am guessing you are referring to some of what we are seeing on some of the “ascension” blogs?

    • david says:

      I am not a great reader of other peoples stuff as I try not to be influenced. I was referring to a lot of the good guy, bad guy stuff that is filling social networks and mainstream media. Even our local news is full of news items that are designed to make one feel vulnerable or sad.

  10. naomisilverart says:


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