Ascension Update 10th April 2013 – Ego vs Personality – or – If I Lose My Ego Will I Still Exist

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We appear to have arrived at a point in the ascension process where changes need to be made. As much as we love to point the finger and blame everbody else, this time we really need to look closer to home to get this right.

In essence the main part of the ascension process has already occured, what we are seeing basically is the transition. So the stuff playing out in the media is purely theatre, the biggest drama playing out is between the 1st Wave, 2nd Wave and the newly awakened fast-tracked individuals.

When The Pupil Knows More Than The Teacher It’s Time To Step Down The 1st Wave have all but ascended, the 2nd Wave have taken the place of the 1st Wave and now due to the accelerated ascension process the average person in the street possibly has a deeper understanding (even though encumbered with a mindset that is still working in the old world) than the other two groups together.

So why the problems? Well the 1st Wave were starting with a blank canvas and were to all intents and purposes flying by the seat of their pants (even though in reality they were being greatly assisted by unseen helpers). Their main job (they also did energy and healing / recovery work) was to plant seeds in the minds of the populace with the understanding that many will take them and make them flourish – which in fact they did and some even created sucessful businesses from the information. In 1998 most of us were told to step back and allow the 2nd Wave to step forward as we would be working in the etheric or higher areas. The 2nd Wave covered a broad spectrum and brought through with them high skillsets with regard to healing, energy work and communication with other worlds. Some worked with the planetary energies, some with people, some just acted as light bearers and some acted as messengers or ambassadors for other worlds. We now have a situation where the 1st Wave are frightened to let go of their baby, the 2nd Wave are frustrated that the 1st Wave are holding them up and now to really add to the mix the one’s who were being shouted at to WAKE UP have caught up and are not impressed by the egos slowing the process.

So What Is Really Holding Us Up? A deep rooted fear of letting go of the ego, the I Am and embracing the We Are. You are you whether in etheric form, energy form, physical form or multiple physical forms. You are your personality, your character not your ego or protective shield. This protective layer of the ego prevents you getting on with each other and thereby prevents you being allowed to interact with more gentle evolved beings who have evolved past the point where they need to know how wonderful / intelligent / beautiful you are, as they already know because they are on the other side of your ego and can see the real you


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2 Responses to “Ascension Update 10th April 2013 – Ego vs Personality – or – If I Lose My Ego Will I Still Exist”

  1. D says:

    Wow! Spot on! Yep, someone woke me up this week with “WAKE UP”!! One big lesson I am still learning, to trust myself and let go! Thanks David!!

    • david says:

      The best way for people who suddenly find themselves ‘knowing’ more than they can rationally understand is to try and relax enough to trust what their heart tells them 🙂 Our minds are limited by what we can rationalise which can bring confusion when one is on the brink of entering a world of infinite possibilities. We are in a safe place (nursery) where we can learn the art of correct thinking before moving forward 🙂

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