Ascension Update 29th March 2013 – Timelines – Creator Has Spoken

timelinesI awoke this morning and reading my emails and glancing through social media I felt an anger arise at how everything appears to be getting worse rather than better. I immediately was reminded of how both my wife and I were told individually last year that there will be great change around April time and I got clarification later that negativity will be removed which will accelerate ascension. I took a deep breath switched off my mind and entered the quietness for healing and meditation. I came to all of a sudden with an instantaneous image of situations and events.

None of us are perfect and many of us have possibly done very dark deeds at some point but we are not set in stone and most are now recognising their downfalls and actively trying to improve. We are also receiving tremendous assistance from source, evolved beings and more to rise in consciousness.

That being said there are also beings here and elsewhere in our universe that unfortunately do not have the far-sightedness, compassion and sense of community to understand the repercussions of their actions in future time. To this end and in order to fulfil their freewill learning without endangering any life other than their own something unheard of is about to come about.

All souls within our universe will have their hearts / souls and overall intention weighed. If they knowingly, deliberately in actuality or intent threaten to endanger or harm humanity, this, any other planet or energetic being they will play out their lives in an exact replica of this universe that is totally, energetically encapsulated so their actions and eventual demise can no longer endanger or harm other life in this or other universes.

The rest of humanity, our star family and other energetic beings will continue to evolve in a positive, harmonious and mutually supportive way.

I think we can now see why events have appeared to take longer than we hoped. I have no idea of time-scale but as we are in no-time in reality it could be any time.

How will I know when this event happens? when you realise things are getting better and interactions are more relaxed and gentle.

Can you guarantee or prove this? no, it is just a feeling / image that was presented in a meditation but I am happy to embrace it and will continue to try to be an honest, fair and positive member of society 🙂


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