Message For The Awakened Ones – How to Really Help The Sleeping

ShepherdOne cannot help noticing division amongst those whom are, or believe they are, helping fellow brothers and sisters of the human species progress through the ascension process.

Just take a few moments looking at this image of the shepherd and his flock. He shows quiet strength, reliability and resilience, his sheep know he cares about them and will protect them and ensure they have food, water and if necessary shelter and healing. He quietly leads by being with them and showing them the way. If he stood at the edge of the field by the gate jumping up and down screaming WAKE THE F**K UP would they be as trusting.

Yes have the intention to help those that are asleep, afraid or sceptical but lead by example and you will achieve so much more

In separation you are weak in unity you have the whole universe behind you 🙂

NOTE: For all the cynical or vegetarian readers please don’t go down the “he is leading them to their slaughter” road. Rise above that issue, this is about energy, trust and positive results not soapboxes, egos and idealism (in an ideal world one wouldn’t have to eat plants or minerals either as they too are living beings). I used the analogy of the shepherd as it fits with the sheeple name activists use.

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