Ascension Update 23rd March 2013 – The Arrival Of You!

lightUntil mankind has evolved enough no craft or beings of 5D (fifth dimension) or higher will be visible unless the craft feels safe enough to lower it’s vibration to the visible frequency. Remember all beings up to and including 4D (fourth dimension) have the same problems we do on earth i.e. they have free will as to whether they behave in a positive or negative way.

That being said here is the main reason for this post: Some of you have raised your vibration enough for your higher (greater) self to rejoin you. This is akin to full enlightenment but so much more 🙂 your full faculties will not be switched on immediately but will become apparent without you really noticing as they are perfectly normal for the greater you. One of the first things that will fully manifest is the ability to see beyond the facade of outside events therefore try to concentrate on maintaining your equilibrium rather than let things annoy you, eventually enough people will see beyond the illusion and make it non-viable.

The majority of beings on the planet are in reality of fifth dimension or higher so any changes will feel very natural as we align more with our true selves 🙂

Lastly I will add: don’t blindly trust or believe anybody (including me), you have access to TRUTH (LIGHT) deep within you (everybody does), it is natural and your god (original source of all creation) given right, use it to ‘KNOW’ what to believe and what to dismiss.

As you evolve you will see more as the only division between dimensions and realities is frequency 🙂

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