Ascension / Energy Update 21st March 2013 – Heads Up – HUGE Shift Coming (Positive)!

pull the rugSomething has been building for the past couple of days and I can now get a more realistic sense of what is happening.

Unless you live in a cave you will have been aware of the fact that the earth’s magnetic shields have occasionally been greatly reduced during past few days. Also during this period the Sun has pointed several large coronal holes at us, had a few filaments break loose and several CMEs (not all earth directed). This has assisted the earth to accumulate enough energy to bring about the changes she needs to go further ahead with her ascension process. These changes are mainly in the consciousness of many who inhabit the surface of the planet.

Those who are sensitive to earth energies, don’t worry it is nothing like anything you have had to endure previously 🙂 This will literally pull the rug out from under those that are locked in the reality mindset that it is OK to profit from another’s misfortune and thereby maintain a planet of those that have comfort and those that suffer.

Earth needs to clean and regenerate all her systems in order to support the lives of the gentle souls who will coexist with her in times ahead (the future Human). In the past this would have brought about by planetary disaster of epic proportions. This time however she is trying to do it with no loss of life even though there are people who wittingly or unknowingly are holding proceedings up. In order to break their grip she will be sending out a HUGE pulse, somewhat akin to picking up a rug and waving it up and down to set up a standing wave big enough to shake free those that are locked. Before anybody panics I believe this is ALL  ENERGETICALLY BROUGHT ABOUT so most people will not notice a thing, some might lose track of days for a few days (this is already normality for some of us :)).

I feel this NOW so this could occur for you personally any time between now and a weeks time. REMEMBER THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR and ALL is for the good of ALL LIFE not just us or our planet even. There can never be any justification that one being should suffer for the pleasure or greed of another and this EVENT of our realisation of this will spread throughout all worlds, galaxies, universes and beyond. Yes our ascension IS that huge as it will spread and will change ALL EXISTENCE positively.

It is not my duty or place to interfere with your freewill but as I care I will say if you want a comfortable existence always think about the effect your thoughts and actions might have on all involved before you embark upon them.

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5 Responses to “Ascension / Energy Update 21st March 2013 – Heads Up – HUGE Shift Coming (Positive)!”

  1. naomisilverart says:

    Thanks for this post, David. You were spot on with your heads up back in February-I had several days of intense headache, nausea, and dizziness. Ugh. It was nasty. This time around, I just feel a bit manic (did major house organizing/purging of old stuff yesterday), sleep is once again very disturbed, and I am clueless as to what comes next in the process/what to do with this sudden energy after having felt like a zombie off and on for the past 4 years. This is a weird one, but definitely (and literally) easier to stomach. You were a few days ahead on the February energy influx, so I am guessing that even though a lot of people (me included) felt something March 20-21, you are right that we are still waiting for this “pulse.” Why is no one else is reporting on this, only on the equinox energies? My feeling is that the pulse is underway but has not yet hit its apex. Naomi

  2. david says:

    You are more than likely feeling more energy as on a soul level there is more than likely a bit of excitement as the moment of remembering is literally on the doorstep as it were 🙂 As we align with the other aspects of our whole more and more ‘knowing’ will present itself 🙂 The outward results could take a day or two to manifest so you could be right.

    • naomisilverart says:

      That makes sense to me. I was told (at 2am when all of this information was coming at me) something that I can’t exactly remember about integrating or existing on a multi-dimensional level.

      I hadn’t thought about the possibility that I was excited and not just hyper from the energy.

      What do you mean by outward results?

      I love the way you state information, by the way. It’s straightforward and practical. 🙂

      • david says:

        You interpreted your message correctly – the aspect of you existing here at present is only a tiny representation of the real you as an evolved light being. When you embarked upon your life / lives here you lost knowledge of the whole you, one aspect of this event is getting our memory back and in turn having access to all knowledge previously hidden.
        Outward results would be out of character behavior of a positive nature or act of charity from unexpected sources. As the vibrational shift occurs there can be no secrets as all knowledge is ‘known’ so no hiding place for those who would otherwise work in the shadows.
        Thank you, to be honest it all is simple, experts make it difficult by making science out of it and needing to quantify and rationalize 🙂

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