Ascension Update 17th March 2013 – How To Know YOUR Truth By Unravelling And Strengthening Your Connection To Source

sunlightIn recent weeks there has been more and more information and guidance being offered and religions / belief systems are getting a fair share of coverage both in the media and social networks. So, with a lifetime or more of being bombarded on all sides with who or what to believe or disbelieve, where does the average individual FIND THEIR TRUTH.

Source In our day to day lives the only trustworthy way one can ensure something is true is to go to those who were present at the original event and ask each privately for their account and make a personal assessment (I know this is not ideal but even honest people will lie in certain circumstances).

Humans are each individual rays from the creator source and through many reasons have found seemingly trustworthy groups / individuals / societies have stepped into that ray and offered to intermediate for you. Why would you choose to allow this?:

We each have a positive and negative side to our nature and it is our personal choice as to which aspect of ourselves we choose to come to the fore. Even the darkest soul has a brilliant spark of light somewhere in it’s depths and even the lightest soul has some very dark aspects deep within (as above so below). If at some time an individual had done or thought something that was socially unacceptable they might be wrought with guilt. Now if an individual / group / society / religion / cult etc. etc. offered to appease your guilt through ritual / trust / faith you might consider this to be too good to be true 🙂 In fact it is a simple act of the correct way of using the power of positive thought (Law Of Attraction). Low and behold your guilt is assuaged and over time you take to fully embracing this belief system. The only problem with this is you have created a lesser god / minor deity by giving your power to that individual or group and more importantly clouded your own connection to source. note: you can never lose this connection to source it is always there. Also there are many well meaning people who genuinely are trying to assist mankind but I am dealing with aspects going back thousands of years.

OK, so how do I strengthen my personal connection to Original Creator Source? Follow this simple exercise a few times and in next to no time you will have re-awakened your personal connection to the original creator:

  • Put your hands left on top of right on the centre of your chest, just above the heart, with your elbows horizontal and in-line with your hands.
  • Take a slow deep breath, hold it for a short while and slowly let it out (only take breaths and pauses that are comfortable to do).
  • As you continue doing this allow ALL your attention to focus on how your hands are moving as your chest expands and contracts.
  • Allow your focus to move to the area just behind your hands within your chest.
  • Now say in your mind “I call upon the original creator, life before life, thought before thought, the essence of all creation. Come to me protect me, cleanse me, heal me and guide me”.
  • Now allow a short while to embrace the truth and connection in that invocation.
  • Now say “The light within my heart is strong and I am one with the true source of the light”.
  • Now allow a short while for this realisation and your personal connection to The Creator to align and strengthen.

You may or may not sense something positive when you do this exercise, but either way the whole exercise is a positive act in self empowerment and a connection to inner truth – you can even use it to see if any of what I have written here rings true to you 🙂

I am not happy about having a dark side to my nature, what can I do about it? There are people who are great advocates of the individuals choice as to whether to do good or bad and this correct. Personally I and many others regularly ask that our dark side is transmuted into light as we no longer feel any need for it. In a positive world there is no need for fight or flee protection as there are no predators 🙂

If you too wish to assist in making this a reality and thereby speed up the ascension process just ask creator when doing the above meditation. After doing the invocation and light strengthening say: “I ask that my lower nature be cleansed and raised in vibration so my thoughts and deeds are always for the good of all including myself”.

You are a pure ray of light and always will be, you just need to remove the chains and remember ♥


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