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Ascension Update 29th March 2013 – Timelines – Creator Has Spoken

I awoke this morning and reading my emails and glancing through social media I felt an anger arise at how everything appears to be getting worse rather than better. I immediately was reminded of how both my wife and I were told individually last year that there will be great change around April time and […]


Message For The Awakened Ones – How to Really Help The Sleeping

One cannot help noticing division amongst those whom are, or believe they are, helping fellow brothers and sisters of the human species progress through the ascension process. Just take a few moments looking at this image of the shepherd and his flock. He shows quiet strength, reliability and resilience, his sheep know he cares about […]


Heads Up – Energetic Cleansing Within Next 24 to 48 Hours

Within the next 24 to 48 hours there will be an energetic cleansing of the earth and her auric field. During this period some might feel moments of total peace and relaxation. Utilize these moments to release any tension / aches / worries and soak up the peace 🙂 If you are driving or operating […]


Ascension Update 23rd March 2013 – The Arrival Of You!

Until mankind has evolved enough no craft or beings of 5D (fifth dimension) or higher will be visible unless the craft feels safe enough to lower it’s vibration to the visible frequency. Remember all beings up to and including 4D (fourth dimension) have the same problems we do on earth i.e. they have free will […]


Ascension / Energy Update 21st March 2013 – Heads Up – HUGE Shift Coming (Positive)!

Something has been building for the past couple of days and I can now get a more realistic sense of what is happening. Unless you live in a cave you will have been aware of the fact that the earth’s magnetic shields have occasionally been greatly reduced during past few days. Also during this period […]


Ascension Update 17th March 2013 – How To Know YOUR Truth By Unravelling And Strengthening Your Connection To Source

In recent weeks there has been more and more information and guidance being offered and religions / belief systems are getting a fair share of coverage both in the media and social networks. So, with a lifetime or more of being bombarded on all sides with who or what to believe or disbelieve, where does […]


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