Ascension Update 21st February 2013 – Energy Change Heads Up!

eglowWithin the next 2 to 3 days some of you might feel a change in energy which could possibly make you feel a little uncomfortable. This post is to give advance notification and explain a few symptoms.

Unlike previous energy bursts which were incoming this is one which the Earth will be sending out as part of her ascension process. She has been making various physical adjustments over the past year and now is making some energetic ones as she increases her vibrational frequency.

Those who are sensitive may possibly feel this energy she is sending out. Unlike the incoming ones which usually give a slightly light headed feeling this outgoing one can give a slight motion sickness feeling and a general feeling of being not quite right.

The purpose of this post is not to worry you but to assure you that the feeling eventually passes but can be made much more comfortable by reassuring yourself that all is well. It helps considerably if one practices meditative breathing exercise to calm and centre oneself.

After the feeling passes there could be few people who may find their next visit to the bathroom is a little urgent as the body releases toxins, again this is part of the process so don’t worry.

Remember to keep hydration up and eat normally.

The vast percentage of the population will not notice this event, I hope this post reassures those that do ♥


IMPORTANT NOTE ~ this information only relates to ascension energy symptoms and not medical conditions. If you are feeling poorly and are at all concerned ALWAYS consult a medical practitioner.


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5 Responses to “Ascension Update 21st February 2013 – Energy Change Heads Up!”

  1. naomisilverart says:

    Just a few hours before I read this, I received a message that we were about to be hit again and that it might affect me differently. I had no idea, though, that was because the source was different. Any clue as to when these massive energy hits will subside? It’s a bit much! Argh!!!

    • David says:

      We will feel them less as time goes on 🙂 The energies will continue to be raised until full ascension but as our frequency rises we will be able to handle them without any discomfort. There are other aspects occurring that will greatly assist the process but I only discuss energies as they are what I feel. Don’t allow yourself to be too concerned Naomi as you will be fine, I experienced it yesterday and today so I could explain it to others and alleviate any fears <3

  2. naomisilverart says:

    I’d been doing much better since after the big one hit around the New Year, but this most recent one a few days ago was absolute hell (as it apparently was for many sensitive people from the comments I read on another blog). I am wondering if this one was so difficult, why do you feel that future ones will be easier to handle? Trust me, I hope you are right!

    • David says:

      We are evolving exponentially so we soon will be able to handle the vast amounts light evolved beings handle. Also we are still existing in a world of duality so the pressure of negative energy is constantly grounding us. This negativity will very soon be greatly reduced allowing the growth process to become much smoother. By the time we get into April the energy will be much more serene.

  3. naomisilverart says:

    Well, considering your accuracy rate, you’ve given me something to smile about. Thanks, David. 🙂

    Great blog, by the way.

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