Ascension Update 13th February 2013 – A Heads Up!

alcoholOver the next few days there will be 2 or 3 very high non visible light impulses that will raise the energy on the planet quite dramatically.

Drugs and Alcohol
During this period it would be advisable that those who partake of recreational drugs or alcohol moderate intake as the energy will dramatically increase the effects of these substances.

High Vibration / Pure Diets
Those who live by a pure high vibrational diet if you find you are getting too spacey or feel ‘between realities’ put principles aside if necessary and eat something very grounding.

Feeling Spacey or Reality Wavering?
Firstly Don’t Panic,  calm the breathing, tell yourself that this is a natural thing and everything is as it should be. Then find something practical to do, or, if too uncomfortable listen to a documentary or play on the radio or an audio-book with your eyes shut. Even a peaceful chat with a loved one on the telephone can help calm things down a bit. If alone a simple game of patience can divert our attention until the feeling passes.

This increase in light will accelerate further changes and all of them incredibly positive. Try not to think too far ahead or reflect too much on the past as this is likely to trigger the discomfort again while we are in transition.

Live in the moment, all is well ♥


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