Ascension Update 26th January 2013 – Reality Check – Nothing Stays The Same!

ascensionThe ascension process is proceeding very nicely, as the continuing  increase of light raises the consciousness of each and every one of us. The frequency of this incoming light has been raised and is now in an even higher bandwidth (far beyond what one would conventionally call light). This is assisting the ascension process by ensuring a higher frequency basis to new ‘life’.

The general populace however is in varying states of progress as the concept of unity consciousness is a very large step from one of survival of the most powerful (in its many connotations).

As our consciousness increases and each of us starts to ‘KNOW’ the truth of who we are and why we are here it will become obvious who is or has been misusing power or position (in all walks of life). This could cause disturbance in some previously comfortable and trusting relationships. Therefore love, care and higher understanding should be embraced to move forward.

Those who make a living teaching esoteric subjects and practices might eventually need to find alternative sources of income as the mass consciousness rises. This should be an organic progression as the world will eventually seem much smaller as travel gets faster and borders diminish. We will all be much happier to work for the good of the whole planet community therefore more diverse ways to contribute will become available.

Remember things are now progressing at an incredibly fast rate so what was someone’s truth yesterday may not be today. We must not limit ourselves or others by being rigid in our thinking, in fact thinking is really becoming outmoded as living in the moment will be far more comfortable as we progress. Before long a thought once processed will be a moment in history in real time 🙂

For those who still find this subject somewhat bewildering take a look through past posts in this blog or for a quick appraisal of some of the ascension symptoms visit this post.


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