Ascension – It’s All About Energy

I was interested to see Suspicious0bservers has noted in his latest 3MIN NEWS (posted below) that the boffins now admit that it isn’t only Earth that is changing 🙂

Many of you may recall I have mentioned before on more than one occasion that not only are we and our planet ascending but the whole universe and beyond is evolving. In whatever form these changes take they are part of a much bigger picture, which ultimately will be for the good of all life in all it’s many forms and not limited to our planet.

This is why taking time out in your day to focus on centring, to find the point of peace in your heart-centre will make your journey smoother. It is at the peace-point that you are one with the creative force and if done correctly you will cope more readily with events.

All life and all matter is energy and the events occurring within our solar system and beyond are acting to raise the frequency of this energy. At some stage things will reach a point when change occurs (no, I do not know how, what or when) and this change is EVOLUTION. Whatever happens you are part of this change and have a beautiful future ♥


3MIN News January 18, 2013: Saturn Storm Confirmation



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  1. David says:

    This may assist those who are having difficulties finding the point of peace:

    ~Pure Peace Point~

    Pure Peace Point (Video Meditation & Visualization)

    Zahow explains how “The Peace that passes all understanding” is always with us. It is her belief that is was intentionaly taken out of the Bible by man. She shows you how to notice your Point of Pure Peace and to take it through you body, grounding into Mother earth and Hold it always. Pure Peace to all~

    Zahow is Medicine Woman
    Native American, Chippewa/Ojibwa French Canadian Indian
    Her Calling is to Heal the Healers

    Zahow; She who walks with Truth Woman
    Zahow- is a Quantum Multidimensional Healer
    Working with the Third Eye; Pineal Gland Activation.

    She hears the call of the White Buffalo as the Great Spirit Moves with her.

    Tribe is the Sand Hill Crane Tribe of Sault Ste Marie,Mich.
    Her Clan is Eagle (Brings Prays up to Creator)
    Her Totem is Humming Bird Spirit
    (compassion and beauty of soul
    She walks with Bear Medicine (Protecting like a Mother Bear over her young)
    She hears the Cry of the Wolf ( Freedom, Family)
    Her Protector is Golden Hawk (Golden Christ Light)
    She walks with Crow Ancient Ancestors (Law,Judgment,Righteousness)
    She is a Rainbow Warrior (front line declaring Victory)

    Zahow Speaks to the Untouchable and Brings Healing.
    A Deep Quantum Healing for the Mind,Body,Soul and Spirit.

    She relates to the brokenness of no hope with deep despair darkness and evil as it has all descended up on her; in her life.

    Her life is truly a Beautiful Miracle.
    Her Healings and Teaching come from The Great Spirit, Creator of All that is.
    She walks in Truth, Wisdom, knowledge,in Oneness of all that is.

    Her Life story has lead to this moment in time where all the puzzle pieces fit together as she walks with Healing of Pure Love Peace.
    She stretches her arms out for all to walk in their Truth and to find the Oneness of all that is.
    Her Medicines is Healing with forgiveness and unconditional pure love flowing to all.
    She is your Humble Servant to fulfill the Great Spirits Calling on her life.
    She Welcomes One and All to Join in the Healing of Self and Mother Earth.
    Walk the road of Truth.
    Thank you~Megwich
    Zahow In Purest Unconditional Love ♥

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